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Breast Cancer With Pain and Lumps [FAQs].

These are some questions may arise in your mind about Breast cancer

Can breast cancer be detected by a blood test?

Yes, a Blood test can detect breast cancer. Mammograms, Breast MRI, CT, bone scan and Blood test such as CBC (Complete Blood Count) is used for staging Breast cancer.

Blood tests are used for detecting white blood cells that fight infection and the count of red blood cells, which carry oxygen, hemoglobin, etc.  2 3.

Are breast cancer lumps sore?

Lumps or mass is the most common cause of breast cancer. These types of lumps are often painless, hard, but some lumps may be painful.

In the early stages, breast cancer is not painful, but in the malignant stage some tumors are painful.

A breast lump is protuberance or bulge of mass, in the breast. It feels different from the breast tissue around it, you can find it easily.

Not all the lumps are cancerous some may be due to fibrocystic breasts, fat necrosis trauma, and other benign breast conditions.

But you should concern, your doctor if you observe new lumps or mass.

Can breast cancer cause shoulder pain?

Breast cancer can also cause shoulder pain. It is more common in women with large breast. Large breasts may be accompanied by neck, back, or shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain can also occur by Metastatic breast cancer.1

Where are breast cancer lumps usually found?

In “early stage”s of the breast cancer, breast lumps can be the size of one inch or less and may have been growing for 8 years. These lumps haven’t spread, it is still in a milk duct or in the breast.

Breast cancer lump, lumps in breast

In advance stage, you can find the lumps under your armpit

You can detect the lumps, but only your doctor can tell what kind of lumps are benign or malignant.

Where to check breast cancer?

Breast cancer self-exam is very important to find breast cancer in the early stages. While no single test can detect all breast cancer in the early stages.

But with self-exam and screening test can increase the chance of early detection.

You should go to the doctor. Only your doctor can detect breast cancer. Your doctor can detect breast cancer with some test ad procedure such as breast exams, Breast ultrasound, Removing a sample of breast cells for testing (biopsy), MRI, Mammogram, etc.

Who should do for breast cancer screening?

Screening consists of tests to identify cancers before symptoms appear.

Women ages 40 to 55 should start annual breast cancer screening with X-ray of the breast.

Women ages 56 or older should go for breast cancer screening, yearly but can do mammograms every two years.

Who breast cancer classification?

In 2012 WHO classifications the tumor which includes benign to malignant tumors.

WHO classification of tumor of the breast in 4th edition, which as an updated version of the 3rd edition which was published in 2003.

Invasive ductal carcinoma – 55% 4

Ductal carcinoma in situ – 13%

Invasive lobular carcinoma – 5%

The overall 5-year survival rate for Invasive ductal carcinoma and Invasive lobular carcinoma was 85% in 2003. And Ductal carcinoma in situ is harmless but can become invasive if untreated over 40 of years in follow up.

Why breast cancer occurs?

Breast occurs when some breast cell or tissue start to grow abnormally. These cells divide and grow faster than healthy cells and forming a mass or lump. These cells can metastasize (spread) to the other part of your body through the lymph node.

Breast cancer often begins with milk producing duct, which is invasive ductal carcinoma.

Breast cancer can also inherit doctors estimated that almost 5 to 10% of breast cancer cases are related to gene mutations.

Will breast cancer come back?

most of the women who had breast cancer don’t get cancer again. For some women, breast come back and for other’s doesn’t.

Breast cancer more likely to come back in the first 5 years after breast cancer treatment.

Breast cancer can come back in the breast or near mastectomy scar which called a local recurrence or I the somewhere else in the body.

The most common sites of recurrence of breast cancer outside the breast are the lymph nodes, bones, brain, lungs, and liver.

The larger was the tumor greater chances for breast cancer come back.

You can prevent breast cancer recurrence

  • Keep visiting your doctor after breast cancer treatment is done. These visits are designed to catch any signs that breast cancer has come back, to find it as early as possible.
  • Stay healthy, eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, limit alcohol, and most importantly stay away from tobacco.
  • Follow the guidelines for prevention and early detection for cancer.

Can breast cancer be cured?

Breast cancer can be cured in the earliest stage, stage 0 (cancer is on the lobule of the milk duct) for most of the women it depends upon the stage at which cancer is detected.

If breast cancer is in the early stage there are good chances that it can be cured.

DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) is stage 0 cancer in that stage abnormal cell are in the lining of the milk duct and have not spread outside the duct.

DCIS is stage 0 and highly treatable. 4

Breast cancer with pain?

In some cases, breast pain can be a sign of breast cancer, but most breast pain is benign. Pain in the breast or nipple can be the sign of breast pain.

It is the 3rd most popular sigh of breast cancer 6% of the total cases behind the breast lump (83%) and nipple abnormalities (7%).

In study found that women who had presented with breast pain alone only 0.2% and a previous study found that who had breast pain alone and no other symptoms only 0.5 of the women had breast cancer.

What is breast cancer with lung metastasis?

Metastatic mean cancer has spread into the outside of the original area to the other body parts.

Metastatic breast cancer with lungs means that cancer has spread to the lungs that originally developed inside the breast tissue.

Symptoms of breast cancer with lung metastasis is a constant, pain in the lung, shortness of breath, wheezing, etc.

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