diabetic complications

Complications Cause By Diabetes or High Blood Glucose Level

The higher level of glucose level in your blood for a long time can damage your body organs, especially blood vessel which can cause serious and life-threatening health conditions.

But attention to your blood glucose level and changes in your lifestyle can prevent these complications.

some complications which can cause by high blood glucose levels.

1. Cardiovascular diseases

For a time period raised Blood Sugar Levels (BGLs) can affect your heart and blood vessel.

Increased level of BGLs is associated with cholesterol and high blood pressure, which may cause serious heart complications such as stroke and coronary artery disease (heart attack).

These complications can be decreased making few changes in your lifestyle.


  • Monitoring weight
  • Being physically active
  • Managing blood pressure
  • Restricting bad cholesterol
  • Taking medication if prescribe

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2. Retinopathy

Diabetes can cause reduced vision or blindness. Most people with diabetes will develop some kind of eye disease. High blood sugar level damage with high blood pressure is the main cause of retinopathy.

Increased BGLs can damage small blood vessels which supply blood to the retina. If the damage to these cells is severe, this can cause permanent blindness.


  • Diabetic patients should keep the glucose level under control
  • People with diabetes should have regular eye check-up.

3. Diabetic Neuropathy

High glucose level and high blood pressure can cause damage to very small blood vessels and neurons.

This can lead to some serious health problem such as erectile dysfunction, digestion, loss of sensation in a particular part of the body and many others.

The most common part affected part is extremities in the faith which is also called peripheral neuropathy. This can cause tingling, pain, loss of feeling.

4. Diabetic foot

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common neuropathy in diabetic patients. In this nerves of the limbs of the feet are affected. It may disrupt sensory function and numbness which make easy to develop diabetic foot (ulcers)

Diabetes is the most common and severe complications of diabetes. Amputation is 15 times more common in people with diabetes than without diabetes. Treatment of diabetic foot is very costly also.


1. Your foot should have checked by the doctor once a year

2. You should check your feet daily for redness, swelling, fluid discharge, cuts and for any unusual thing in your feet

5. Diabetic Nephropathy or kidney diseases

High blood sugar for persistent time can damage small blood vessels in the kidneys, which can make kidneys less efficient or fail together. Kidney disease is very common in people with diabetes.


  • You should test your kidney health annually.
  • Maintain blood glucose level.
  • Make some changes to your lifestyle.
  • The bladder should fully be emptied particularly after sexual intercourse.

6. Skin

Diabetes mainly damages blood vessels and nerves which can cause dry skin and small cracks in the skin.

If you have dry skin, then exposure to sun and overwashing can worsen the condition.


1. Minimize the soap use or use balance pH soap

2. Use water, lukewarm water to wash your skin.

3. Don’t overwash because you just wash your oil.

7. High blood pressure

High blood pressure can also be the complication of diabetes and high blood pressure can cause serious health conditions and become life-threatening with diabetes.

Diabetes and High blood pressure can cause serious health problem such as eye diseases, kidney disease, heart diseases, etc.


1. Check your blood pressure on a regular basis after 3 months if you have high blood pressure.

2. If you are taking medication, then you should go for a checkup in 4 weeks.

8. Sexually

Men and women both with diabetes lose their sexual desire when the BGLs are high.

Men with diabetes are at a higher risk of impotence, erectile dysfunction. If you have noticed changes in sexual functioning, you should consult your doctor.

9. Pregnancy Complication

If women having any type of diabetes can cause a number of complications if they do not carefully manage and monitor their sugar level.

Complications may include high blood pressure, obstructed labor and large birth weight of the baby.

High BGLs can affect the development of the baby and can put at risk both mother and baby during delivery.

This can cause gain weight and size of the fetus and the fetus can become larger than normal which can cause complications during pregnancy.

This can also lead to low BGLs after the birth of the baby. This also increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the child in later life.

If you have gestational diabetes than there are higher chances that you will develop type 2 diabetes in later life.

This also increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the child in later life.

If you have gestational diabetes than there are higher chances that you will develop type 2 diabetes in later life.


1. You should monitor your blood sugar level during pregnancy.

2. Manage your BGLs in the normal range before pregnancy.

10. Oral health

If blood glucose is not properly managed then chances of periodontitis also increase.

It is the major cause of tooth loss and also associated with increased risk of heart diseases.


  • Good oral hygiene can prevent tooth decay.
  • Regular doctor check up
  • Be physically active.
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