Fall asleep in less than 120 seconds - complete guide

Fall asleep in less than 120 seconds – complete guide

Good sleep is very important for your health.

Bad sleep and difficulty in staying asleep can have a severe effect on your health.

Bad sleep not only affects your health but also decrease your efficiency of doing work during the day.

First, you should know how much sleep you should sleep that can help you that you are sleeping enough or not.

Baby should sleep around 16 hours, teenager require about 8-9 hours a day, and adult requires 7-8 hour a day.

According to the American sleep association, about 70 million US adults suffer from a sleep disorder.

About 20% of people suffer from sleep deprivation. There are over 70 sleep disorder and Insomnia is the most common.

But there is a complete guide that can help you in falling asleep faster than ever. in the end, I have one bonus tips for you, to make sure you go after reading that.

First important things you should do before going to sleep.

First, you should try these things this will optimize your sleep.

1. Sleep in a colder environment

Your thermal environment around your head and body is a very important factor not only for ease of falling asleep but also important for your sleep quality.

If you are overheating because of blankets, pajamas or high temperature of a room, it has been shown to decrease in slow-wave sleep (SWS) and Rapid eye movement sleep (REMS).

Your core temperature decreases when the temperature of your hands and feet increases. 1, 2,   

To initiate sleep your body has to drop 1 to 2 degrees Celsius so sleeping in a colder environment actually help your body to bring down the temperature faster.

The recommended temperature is 18.3 degrees Celsius, but anywhere between 15-23 degrees Celsius will be better. 3

Going too cold is not also good, but it doesn’t have the same disruptive effects of falling asleep or on sleep quality as the hot room does.

2. Take a hot shower bath before bed

You might think that taking a bath before sleeping makes you all warm which make you sleep but its opposite is true.

When your body exposed to hot temperature your body can’t handle it and sends blood to the surface of the skin and giving you red appearance.

Once you are done with bathing, dilated blood vessels radiate the inner heat to the environment and your core body temperature decreases. 4, 5,  

This trigger your brain to think that it is sleepy time.

3. Put away the clock

Having the ability to look at and see the time and find out that how much you haven’t slept is not helpful.

This will stress you out. Time monitoring also strongly linked to stress and waking arousal. 6

If you have a clock that tik-tik all the time, then you should definitely put away from your room because it becomes very noisy for the people who have trouble falling asleep.

Inability to fall asleep can ruin your night’s rest. And will make you feel tired. 7

So it is better just put away the clock.

4. Avoid nicotine and caffeine before 8 hours of going to bed.

Avoid or minimize caffeine and nicotine.

Some tea, coffee, and even some chocolate can take eight hours to wear out completely.

Nicotine and caffeine are stimulants, so avoid taking them too late in a day. Caffeine has a bad effect on sleep. You shouldn’t take them in the late day. 7, 8  

5. Track what and when you eat

Tracking your food time and what kind of food you are eating, is also worth. Some studies have shown that avoiding a diet that is high in carbs will help.

So it is better to eat that neither makes you too hungry nor too full before bed.

In a study, it is shown that a high carb diet can make you fall faster but it will not be restful sleep, instead of the high-fat meal could promote deeper and restful sleep. 9,  10

So if you eat high-carb food eats at least 4 hours before bed.

6. Exercise

Exercising or physically being tired can help you fall asleep faster. But you should exercise 5-6 hours before going to sleep.

Exercise can increase your duration of sleeping by boosting serotonin in your brain and decreasing stress hormone (cortisol). 11

Although excessive can have a bad effect on your sleep. 12

Working out two to three hours before bed can keep you up longer. So it is better to exercise in the morning. 13, 14

7. Avoid nap

Naps are a great energy booster and these also good for your health. But avoid taking a nap after 3 PM or it will be harder to fall asleep at night.

Due to poor sleep at night, people with that problem often take a nap during the day. While short duration nap may improve your wellbeing.

But studies have also shown that regular long (two hours) and late nap lead to sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality. 15

In a study among 440 students, it is found that who takes more than three naps per week, those who take a two hour long and who take a late nap between 6 pm to 9 pm had the poorest night’s sleep. 16

While another study revealed that naps do not affect nighttime sleep.

But if you have trouble in fall asleep and you take naps to try this, maybe naps affecting your sleep.

How you should take a nap?

Your nap shouldn’t be longer than 20-30 minutes. And don’t take a nap after 3 p.m. or take a nap in the early day.

8. Relax before bed

Make sure that you are relaxed before bed. If you try to sleep when you are on like you are in a party mood, or just came from a party, your brain won’t be ready.

Relaxing activities like reading books, listening to relaxing music, are perfect to put you in the right mindset.

In the study show that sedative music promotes deeper sleep. 17

Reading also a great activity for better, longer and fast sleep. 18

9. Experience sun exposure during the day and darkness during the night

You should get sunlight for at least 30 minutes a day and should not use the screen like phone, computer, 1 to 2 hours before going to bed if you have to fall asleep.

To set up an internal clock it is necessary, to get regular sun exposure. Otherwise, disruption in cardiac rhythm can make harder to fall asleep. 19,

Daylight tells us to stay alert (20, 21) and darkness makes feel us sleepy.

In a study, it is also shown that darkness boosts the production of a hormone which is essential for sleep (melatonin). 22, 23

10. Use the 4-7-8 breathing technique

The “4-7-8” breathing technique is a very simple but powerful technique to fall asleep very fast.

This method makes you feel calm and relaxed. You can use this breathing technique whenever you are anxious or stressed, this will relax your nervous system.

How to do 4-7-8 breathing technique?

  • Close your mouth
  • Inhale heavily through your nose till count four. Counting should be mental.
  • Hold your breath while you count mentally to seven.
  • Open your mouth and exhale completely, making whoosh sound on counting eight.
  • Repeat this cycle five or

This helps to condition your body schedule and helps to turn on your internal body clock.

It will help your body to trigger tiredness at the right time.

These conditions are for optimizing your falling asleep, but if you think all these conditions will not help you to fall asleep.

Or maybe you had done all those things before going to bed, but you are still awake.

2. US NAVY technique to falling asleep immediately

After all that there is a technique that the US Navy allegedly used that if practiced can really, have you falling asleep before 2 minutes, no matters where you are.

Its study is not publicly available, but they claim that they used on fighter pilots.

Fighter pilots can make an avoidable mistake as a result of sleeplessness and stress.

Even though this technique was designed to allow pilots to sleep in a sitting position.

After six weeks they claim that 96% of pilots could fall asleep in less than two minutes.

1. Relax your body

You need to systematically relax each part of your body

Step 1

Relax your facial muscle such as the tongue, jaws around your eyes. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and begins to focus on your face. Focus on the area in the center of your forehead.

Your forehead should be smooth. Picture every muscle relaxing if you need help squish and squint your face and then let it relax.

Breath out as you feel your cheeks, tongue, law, and mouth relaxed. Imagine your eyes sinking into their sockets.

Step 2

Drop your shoulder as low as possible, it will also help you release the tension on the neck. Relax your upper and lower arm.

You can do that by tightening and then letting them loose. At the end do the same thing with your hand and finger.

Step 3

Breath and relax your chest. Feel your lungs fill up with air.

Step 4

Relax your legs. If you are having trouble tensing and then letting them release. Feel relaxation going down to the calves and feet.

Now the muscles of your body relaxed now it’s time to clear your mind.

2. Clear your mind

Imaging the following image can help you in clearing your mind and block any distraction.

Image 1 – Imagine yourself in a canoe on a calm lake with clear blue sky above you.

Image 2 – Imagine you are wearing a black velvet dress on a calm hammock in a black room.

If image 1 and 2 don’t work for you and you can’t stop your thoughts, just repeat, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think for 30 seconds.

Simply thinking through emotion can stimulate your muscles to involuntarily contract. So don’t let the thoughts consume you.

It may sound like silly, but practice makes perfect it will definitely work after dedicating time to it.

It might not be a very effective solution the first night, but after weeks you will be much better.

The great aspect of this technique is, it doesn’t require a bed. When pilots trained in this exercise they performed it, sitting down on a chair.

In this, they put their feet flat on the floor. Placed their hand on their lapse and let them go in the limp.

So this technique will help when you are in bus, train, car or anywhere. Don’t discourage if this technique does not work for you, remember that the pilots had to practice for 6 weeks.

You will fall asleep instantly assuming that you don’t have any sleep disorder or any other medical condition.

Recomended for you

3. Get into schedule

A single most important tip to fall asleep immediately and if you can’t follow any other you should definitely follow this.

Go to bed and wake the same time of the day no matter what. You shouldn’t break the routine.

I know it sucks. If you want to fall asleep immediately.

Getting in a schedule will set up your body like clockwork, this will make you alert in the day and sleepy at night.

It will be easy for you to fall asleep at the same time every day. 24

Bonus tip

1. Even if you still can’t fall asleep don’t lie awake in your bed. The study shows that lying in bed awake for an extended period of time causes anxiety and make things worse.

So get up from your bed and do relaxing or slightly boring activity until you feel sleepy.  25

2. Go bed on fist sign of sleep.

3. Don’t go until you too early

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