Flow Invented Medication-free Treatment for Depression

Flow Invented Medication-free Treatment for Depression

Depression is a medical condition which affected most of the people at some point in their life.

According to WHO( World Health Organisation), more than 300 million people are suffered from depression which causes disability worldwide.

In the UK, nearly 25% of people are affected by mental illness.

Swedish health tech startup Flow Neuroscience has invented a new technology for the treatment of depression, attention-grabbing things about the technology are that it is medication free.

It can reduce the symptoms of the depression without any medication comprising a brain stimulation headset.

This technology is known as transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), the device is connected with the AI-powered, app therapy program.

The device can be used in your own homes. It can reduce the effect of acute depression over six weeks follow or in 18 sessions.

The AI-powered app also includes guidance and tasks about to exercise, eat, sleep and how to mediate in depression, based on established behavioral technique.

The random trial in the British Journal of Psychiatry and the New England Journal of Medicine showed that brain stimulation had the same effect on the brain as an antidepressant but with a less severe and fewer side effect.

People diagnosed with depression often have less neural activity in left frontal lobe part of the brain that controls cognitive skills and emotional expression.

The headset uses neurostimulation that delivers constant and low direct current via the electrode to stimulate neurons in this area to help restore activity.

In Europe, flow is classified as a Class II medical device in England, intended for using a treatment for depression. Treatment includes 18 sessions in six weeks each session last for 30 minutes.

People considering using Flow should have a diagnosis of depression and should consult a doctor before using. The individual should not stop their treatment for depression.


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