Everybody wants to drop weight fast, but I say more than that you should lose weight safely.

Experts say that people should lose weight gradually and safely. It will more likely to not gain weight again. [1]

If you lose weight too fast it can reduce body water instead of fat, lose bone and muscle. [2] [3

You should not try fad diets for weight loss maybe these can lose weight very fast. But you should stick to weight loss over time. 

According to studies, safe weight loss is 0.5-1kg per week is enough. [4]

This article includes

  • How to lose safely
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Lose weight without fall short of vitamins and nutrients.

1. Make outlines

Paying attention to calories in and calories out is not enough. Burn more calories than you take is not that simple as you think.

For losing weight, it is more important that your metabolism efficiently convert carbs into energy. 

If you cut too many calories, that can make you feel short essential vitamins and nutrients.

You can do that

  • Just eat less than usual.
  • Drink more water

Know how many calories have each item.

No matter what method you use, but vegetables, whole fruit, grains, fruits, protein, healthy fats always good for you. Make sure you add them to your diet plan.

2. Make your own diet plan

Diet plane plays a very important role in losing weight. You should limit your carb intake to 20-50g without disturbing vitamins, nutrients, protein and fat intake. 

Follow these steps and you will be able to construct your own each meal plan.

I. Eat less sugar and Carbs

In the first step, you would know what kind of items you should avoid.

The most important step is to look closely at how much you sugar and carbs you eat, cut is down significantly.

When you will feel hungry and you replace sugar and carbs items with protein and fat, after eating food, you will end up much less calorie intake. [4] [5]      

By eating less carbs you body will start to burn stored fat.

Cutting in sugar and carbs also reduce the insulin level in your blood that will prevent your kidneys by shedding water and sodium in your body. [6]

Which reduces the unnecessary water weight. [7]

Eating low sugar and starch, and high fat in the first week, you can lose up to 4-5 kg including both fat and water weight.

High fat and low carb diet gives you a feeling of fullness you can eat until you are not full but low fat and high carbs diet give you calories so this diet needs caloric restriction and gives you feeling of hungry.

cutting in carbs can lose your weight automatically. In short, we can say that cutting sugar and carbs suppress your hunger and you will lose weight without being hungry.

What should you eat if you cut down your carbs and sugar?

Maybe this question is popping in your mind, but don’t worry I gotcha. Follow next steps.

II. Eat healthy fats, low carbs vegetables and plenty of protein

Your every meal should include fat, low carbs vegetables and protein. These will help to limit your carbs within 50g limit. 

Construct your meal by following these steps and you will lose weight gradually, continually without being hungry and safely.

Fat source

  • The avocado contains very low carbs and very high fat more than that very healthy fat. Avocados are also a good source of potassium and fiber. [8] [9]
  • Cheese is a great source of vitamin B12. calcium, selenium, and phosphorus. It contains healthy fat and very low carbohydrates. Cheese is also packed with nutrients, protein and vitamins. [10]
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil or olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamins K and E. it also improves your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure. [11]
  • Coconut oil it contains 90% of saturated fatty acids. And also super easy to metabolize[12].  
  • It also boosts your metabolism, reduce appetite and increase fat burning.[13]
  • Nuts are full of omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in lower the cholesterol. And also gives a feeling of fullness.

There are a number of sources of healthy fat. You can also use them.

Source of low carbs vegetables

You can eat until you are not fully without taking too much calories. Some vegetables are rich in carbs but some vegetables are not.

Mostly above the ground vegetables not contain a high amount of carbs

[table id=3 /]

You can eat these vegetables as much you want. You can’t eat more than 50g of carbs. It doesn’t matter if you are on weight loss or not. 

Source of protein

Don’t compromise with protein, especially if you are planning a diet. Put plenty of protein to your diet plan.

In studies, it has been shown that protein can increase boost your metabolism, which is very essential for weight loss.[14] [15]

If your diet follows a high protein diet, it can help you in reducing the crave and food thought by 60%. You will have no desire of snacking etc.

It will help you into appetite control, in obese men during energy restriction weight loss. [16] [17]

[table id=4 /]

Source includes click

You should eat 0.8 gram of protein per kg of weight 

If you are 50kg eat 50 * 0.8 =40g


15-25% of total daily calorie

If you eat 2000 calorie per day eat 300 to 500 calories of protein

If you still not understand use this online calculator by United State Department of Agriculture. Click here

This how you can construct your diet based. Try to choose things from these lists. And you will start to lose weight automatically.

If you don’t find things from this list you can add some extra items to list.

Do online research whatever you are adding to the list.

But add only these things that contain a very low amount of carbs.

You have to design your diet plan for weight loss. But if you make a combination of exercise for weight loss, it will just boost this process.

3. Try resistant training

You don’t need to exercise if you are following this plan. You can lose weight without any exercise.

Resistance training with this diet will decrease the body weight and boost metabolic rate. [18]

But it is recommended to try some resistance training only 3-4 times a week.

It can prevent some side effects of weight loss, such as metabolism slows down. 

By resistance training like weight lifting you will burn lots of calories without slowing down your metabolism. [19] [20]

You will lose a noticeable amount of fat by gaining little bit muscles.

Resistance training also has some good effects on lipid profile and body fat percentage, especially for premenopausal women and those who follow sedentary lifestyle. [21]

These trainings will also help you to preserve healthy muscles during weight loss. [22]

Some resistance exercises for weight loss

  • Weight lifting
  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Pull up.

Try any of these, don’t be hard. 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes will be enough.

Do not do with wrong technique. If you are new ask trainer for right techniques.

Eat when you are hungry

Food is the energy source for your body. It gives you energy to do the work. But not all the people eat just for this reason. 

People eat when they meet friends, social gathering, go to the market or when they have nothing to do. 

If you really want to lose weight, you have to ditch these habits and only eat when you are hungry.

Anger, anxiety, stress or depression also derives you to eat.

Because foods make you feel good, but remember food make you obese fatty too. [29]

So try to avoid eating food when these feelings comes you, instead of hunger.

Does fasting work for weight loss?

Maybe it is the fastest way to cut down your carbs and you might be thinking that you can drop weight very quickly.

But fasting is not recommended by the experts. This solution is not for the long term. 

There are many types of fasting some fast involve skipping all the food. In some you can eat. 

There hasn’t lots of research that fast work in the long run. There is no need to starve yourself to weight lose. 

You Just follow this diet plan and stick to a healthy lifestyle and you will lose weight steadily without any fast or exercise.

Some really helpful tips for weight loss?

You can adopt these free, simple and easy to follow techniques to lose weight.

These tricks help you to lose weight without any exercise or doing on the diet.

1. Eat breakfast

People think that skipping breakfast is a great way to cut off calories.

But they don’t know people usually ended up their day by eating more calories. So you must eat your breakfast every day.

Studies show that people who skip breakfast have a higher BMI than those who eat breakfast. 

2. Choose drinks wisely

Sweetened drinks are full of calories, so choosing every drink wisely what are you drinking?

Sweet drinks make, full of calories, but not suppress hunger. Beast drinks are water, which has zero calories.

But if you want to drink juice, you can try vegetable juice, skim milk, or fruit juice. [23]

3. Drink water before meal

Drinking water before half an hour before meals will help you to reduce calorie intake. It will give a feeling of fullness.

4. Eat your food wisely

Eat your food with full concentration. Pay attention to your food when you are eating. This will help you to analyze how much you have eaten. Eat slowly chew your food fully.

5. Get enough sleep

Poor sleep or restless night’s sleep eventually leads to weight gain. Better sleep quality can increase your success in weight loss by 33%. So get good and restful sleep. [24]

6. Drink coffee

Coffee is full of antioxidants that can have a number of benefits on your health. studies have shown that coffee boosts metabolism by 3-10% and increase fat burning by up to 20-30%. [25]

7. Eat fiber

Eat foods that are rich in fiber such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, broccoli and green peas.

8. Drink green tea instead of tea 

Green tea boosts your metabolism that can help you to lose weight. Even green tea is specially used for weight loss. [26]  

9. Split your calorie intake

You should eat more often but then don’t eat full. Eat only that suppresses hunger and you don’t feel hungry all day.

10. Don’t skip meals

You should not skip meals because it just boosts your appetite and you ended up your day eating more calories.

11. Use stairs instead of elevators

If you are living a sedentary lifestyle then use should look for adding more steps to your life and this is a great way to this.

12. Avoid junk food

If you want to lose weight very fast then you should stick to a diet that includes whole food nothing else. Junk food contains bad cholesterol and carbs. So stay away from these foods.

13. Use smaller plates

Use smaller plate for eating these will trick your brain that you have eaten too much. 

14. Hide unhealthy food

Hide unhealthy food. According to the study of the Ohio State University people crave for snacks when they are within your reach. But if you can’t stop snacking you can use a bowl of healthy fruits.

15. Don’t sleep day time

In a study found that the people who took daytime naps, their metabolism go worsen and their bodies don’t change food into energy efficiency. 

How fast you should lose weight?

Don’t worry if you are following this diet you will lose weight safely and fast as much is safe.

You might be attempting to lose weight fast as possible, but it also comes with health risks.

In the first week you can lose total body weight up to 5 kg, which is normal for the first week. But after the first week, safe weight loss will be considered 0.5 kg-1kg (1lb-2lb) per week. [26]

Losing weight faster than this comes with health risks like gallstones, malnutrition, feeling tired and unwell.

Your body has stored over these years and burning carbs for energy. So your body will take little time to burn this fat for energy. [27]

How often you can carb-refeed?

You can have one cheat once a week. On the cheat day you eat more carbs.

But remember eating healthy carbs like oats, rice, sweet potatoes etc.

But cheat only once a week, if you cheat more often this diet won’t go to see success as expected.

But cheat day is not necessary, but they can improve your efficiency of burning fat. [28]


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