LGBT women are at higher risk of drug use

LGBT women are at higher risk of drug use

In a new study reveal that women who are from the LGBT category are at higher risk of drug abuse which can be seen around the age of 13.

It is published in the Journal of LGBT youth that chances of using drug among female who belongs to sexual minorities are at 400 %higher risks than heterosexual female.

“We saw this striking difference in substance use at age 13 and there was a rapid increase in the rate of cigarette and alcohol use from there,” said Sarah Dermody, the lead author.

Among youth marijuana, alcohol and nicotine are the three most commonly used drug.

Researches in the past have shown that sexual minority (LGBT) youth nearly three times more drug use than heterosexual youth.

This difference may be due to violence, stress from discrimination, and victimization rooted in their sexual minority status, Dermody said. The pattern increases in case of women.

This study was performed by using data from about 2,200 participants and large part belong to urban girls, researchers examine drug use among female overtime from the age 13-20, comparing those who are heterosexual to LGBT.

The researchers found that disparity was already present at the age of 13 and it persisted and increased as they entered in the 20s.

“It’s already a risky and vulnerable period for youths’ social development, and it’s also a vulnerable time for brain development,” Dermody said.

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