Sex position is the number of possible positions of the body during sexual activities or simply sex. Some of these positions are very popular almost everyone tries these in their life.

But some of them are hidden. Some of the sex positions really help you to penetrate deeply. Some of the sex positions help you to make your sex more enjoyable. I think you should try these.

1. Reverse cowgirl

reverse cow girl, 19 best sex positions
Revers cow girl

This position is always reliable. When a woman rides the man backward facing the legs. Lean back and can jump or can stand up man will do his job.

This position gives women deep penetration and there is no eye contact so the woman can enjoy the sex.

Man can see butt and slap on the butt which makes sex more enjoyable for men and women both. So I think you should try this tonight.

2. Lapdance

lap dance, best sex positions, more stamina for men,
Lap Dance

Who does not like a good old lap dance. This position gives men more stamina. So enjoy sex for a long time.

3. Missionary

itions, famous sex position

Good and old missionary some people might think it’s boring. In this position, just women lie on her back open her legs and man lying on her.

Women grab him with legs and women can grab him close with hands and both can kiss, man can suck boobs and can fuck simultaneously. Now interesting? huh

4. Happy scissors

In that position, you have to lye your girl on her back. And you need to bend your knees. And grab her legs and spread her legs as much she can (not you can)

5. Wheelbarrow

wheel barrow, enjoyableand strong position.

You need to strong if you want to do sex in this position. The guy needs a strong arm to hold women for a long time.

6. Spooning

Women lay on the side away from the man and as the man lay behind and stick to women’s back. This position also called strangers because there is no eye contact just hot and wild sex.

Relaxed mutually pleasing and without the stress, that is spooning in a nutshell. Where in two partners transition into intercourse, and resting on their side. It permits a great deal of intimacy, and playful activity.

7. Breast friends

breast friends, sitting sex position, most enjoyable sex position
Breast friends

The female nipples are well aroused and very sensitive so it requires much more attention. So sit down on the chair and have your lady sit on you like an anaconda.

And stimulate her with your face and swing her ass into back and forth position. It is a very popular position because it is easily enjoyable and needs very little efforts.

8. Stand and Deliver

stand and deliver, standing sex positions, quick sex positions
stand and deliver

Grab one of her legs and pull off, slightly knees and find g – spot and put in and now enjoy sex anywhere and anytime.

9. 69

69, most pleasurable sex position

Whoever invented this position was genius. Simultaneous oral sex is one of the greatest sex positions of all time. Just lay down and put the girl on you.

Put Her pussy on your mouth and dick in front of her. And lick and eat pussy wildly. Just create look like 69. Many of you are already familiar with this position.

10. Doggy style

Doggy style

This is the number one position of sex on earth for both human and animal. This popular and long live sexual position.

It gives the opportunity for the couple to re-enforce their mutual interest and understanding. The rear participant can control the stimulation from behind based upon what he and his partner’s desire.

11. The seated Scissors

seated scissors, most enjoyable for women

Nothing like the energy of the sexual activity when did with the comfort of the seating based on one partner straddling his or her significant other’s leg.

The seated scissor position has an asymmetric angle to its penetration.  Each partner involved as his or her own distinct role.

The topmost partner managing the pace of pressure. While the bottom one serves as relaxed participants.

The main benefit is that girl can have a double penetration guy can fuck from the bottom and she can rub pussy with leg at the same time.

12. Lazy women or kneeling

lazy women, sex position for women

It may be sound difficult to set up, but the control over the optimal angle and the hands-free nature allows both moments to moment possibilities and opportunities to transition into other positions.

More importantly, the position and its potential variation provide easy-going experience for both partners not require great effort to maintain.

13. Butterfly

butterfly, most enjoyable sex position for women
Butter Fly

It is a modified form of a missionary. It provides a unique take on standard man and woman.

The butterfly has women lying on her back hips at the edge of the surface and legs raised.

While another person stands upright. The research shows that It helps the couple to conceive. This position is very practical enjoying.

14. Standing up

stand and deliver, quick sex position
Stand and deliver

In this position held up women against the wall and wrapping her legs around a male counterpart. This position needs more stamina and dexterity.

Physical activity can help here if a couple like this position. In this position, both partners must work to maintain the balance. Additionally, this sexual can help both the partner to increase bonding between them.

15. Lying reverse

lying reverse, comfortable postion for both men and women,

This position is very romantic. In this position, you can easily kiss and can whisper in her ear if and can naughty talk you want to.

You can easily and in a very romantic way can press girl’s breast and that’s why this is on that list.

16. X-Factor

x factor, most penetrable sex position

This position good for both male and female because in that position girl gonna be lying on her back.

In that position girl’s legs gonna be cross so the guy will feel more friction from the vagina because the vagina will be closed.

This is great for both guy and girl because the girl will feel more and guy will feel the more tight vagina.

17. Sitting sex

sitting sex postion, new sex position,good sex position

In this position, you have to sit on a chair like a car a driver as you can imagine it from the name.

You can use a chair and a table to perform it. This position is perfect if you are making sex right after a meal.

18. Lotus position

lostus sex postion, best sex position for lovers
Lostus Position

This position is known as the Lotus Blossom position. This position turns me on. when I see it.

But this position requires a little bit more strength and flexibility. In this, both can have good eye contact and a full body rash. This position can make your sex more enjoyable and interesting.

19. Tea Spooning

tea spooning,standin sex position,front to back sex position
Tea Spooning

This is the next version of spooning. You need to get on his knees and open knees.

After that girl also need to get on her knees and also facing the same direction.

You should come very close from behind to girl. you should wrap arms around her. You can enjoy wild and hot sex.


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