white hair, prevention and home remedy

White hair – Cause and Very Effective Home Remedies

Our hair’s outside layer is made with keratin and from inside is made with melanin. Melanin is that pigment, which gives color to your hair and skin. In hair, these are two type Eumelanin and pheomelanin.

Eumelanin is responsible for color black and brown.

Pheomelanin is responsible for red and blonde.

White hair

A human body has 100,000 to 150,000 follicles on the head. Follicles are responsible for hair and pigment cell contain melanin. Around the follicle, there are cells called melanocyte stem cell. These help to produce melanin.

melonosyte cell

In the melanocyte cell, there is a complex process.  In simple word tyrosinase help to make melanin cell, and also make hydrogen peroxide which protects cells from virus and bacteria.

But when enzymes make hydrogen peroxide in excessive then hydrogen peroxide damage the tyrosinase. And your hair starts whitening.

In our body, another enzyme is also produce called catalase which controls the production of hydrogen peroxide.

Hair follicles lose pigment as time passes. Here are some common can cause whitening of hair

Cause of whitening of hair

There could be many causes which cause white hair in young age.

1. Vitamin deficiency

Any deficiencies of vitamin D, vitamin B-12, B-6, biotin, and vitamin E, can cause whit har and premature graying.

In one report in the journal development studies found that deficiency of vitamin D-3, vitamin B-12, copper have a connection to graying. It also finds that nutrition deficiency affects pigmentation.

Report study in 2016, in the International Journal of Trichology, looked factor that causes premature graying hair under the age 25 years and it found that low levels of serum ferritin, vitamin B-12, cholesterol,  were the major cause of premature graying of hair.


A gene IRF4 which white your hair is received by you from your mother. So if your mother and her parents had white hair at a young age then there are chances that your hair will be white in young age. 2

Premature graying or white hair of the person’s hair is connected to genetics. Premature graying or white hair can start in the 20s.

3. Stress

Stress can also affect your hair. A study 2013 found that stress can cause depletion of stem cells in the hair follicles of the mice.

Oxidative stress can cause alter the balance when antioxidants are not enough to manage the damage effects of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable that can damage the cells and can affect the age.

Too much stress can cause a medical condition called vertigo. Vertigo may turn hairs in white due to cell death or loss of cell function.

4. Medical conditions

Some autoimmune diseases may cause risk of graying of hair at an early age. Research showed that thyroid can cause thyroid dysfunction. The main cause of white hair is melanin deficiency.

5. Scalp reaction

If you have scalp reaction then tyrosinase produces more hydrogen peroxide which reduces the production the melanin and your hair start white.

If your body has over Homocysteine and Xanthine Oxidase this will increase hydrogen peroxide.

6. Reduction in catalase

If you sit at one place and you have stressed sit in sun this will decrease catalase enzyme and hydrogen peroxide increases.

7. Vitamin B-12 deficiency

Vitamin B-12 plays an important role in our body. It is responsible for hair growth, hair color, and energy.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause the pernicious anemia, in which your body can’t absorb this vitamin. This vitamin is responsible for healthy red blood cells. Its deficiency can cause weakening hair cells and melanin production.

8. Use of chemical shampoo

Sometimes usage of chemical soap, shampoo, and soap may cause this problem.

9. Smoking

Smoking can also cause loss of pigmentation of hair. Researchers have found a relationship between smoking habit and loss of pigmentation of hair. 2

Home remedies for white hair

Whitening and graying hair can be prevented or not, it depends on the cause of the graying. If genetics is the cause then you can’t do much, to cure this.

But if the cause of graying is something else, then you should consult the doctor.

1. Amla and Amla oil for white hair

Amla is rich in vitamin C which is antioxidant and have anti-aging benefits and reserve the pigment in hair follicles. In short, you can say that Amla can repair damaged hair and help to give dark and shine.

You can just eat Amla and drink Amla juice daily good for you if you use it in the morning with empty stomach

  • You should massage with Amla hair 3 to 4 a week.
  • Took 3-4 dried Amla and coconut oil.
  • Boil the amla with coconut oil solution.
  • Massage with the two tablespoons of oil on your scalp
  • Massage continue for 15 minutes and leave oil for 30 min
  • Wash this with sulfate free shampoo.

2. Black tea

Black tea renews hair with antioxidant and increases the growth of white hair. Also can shine and darken the hair.

  • Take 2 spoons of black tea and a cup of water and boil
  • Once liquid cool and apply to your scalp.
  • Massage your scalp for 10 minutes and wash with shampoo.
  • You should repeat this 3 times a week.

3. Coconut oil and lemon juice

Lemon is a good source of Vitamin B, vitamin C, and mineral phosphorus. Which maintain pigment in your hair follicle. Which is necessary for black hair.

  • You need lemon juice and coconut oil in the same amount ( 2 spoons) mix them in a bowl and slightly warm it.
  • Massage with tips your finger into your scalp and leave it for half an hour.
  • Wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo. Try this 3 times a week.

4. Amla juice, coconut oil & lemon juice

This will stop dandruff, make your hair black, long, increase the density of hair and shine.

  • Take 4 spoons of amla juice, add 2 spoons of coconut oil and 2 spoons of lemon juice in a bowl.
  • And with the help of cotton ball massage your scalp and wash after an hour.

5. Almond oil and castor oil

In this method will make oil which will keep your hair black for a long time and also will make it thicker.

  • You need almond oil, castor oil, fenugreek seed, and onion seeds
  • Take ¼ fo almond oil, take castor oil half of almond oil, put 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seed in that mixture and put 1 teaspoon of onion seeds.
  • And shake it and put this mixture under the sun for two days and the message your scalp daily and leave it for one hour and then wash it.

6.  Make paste

  • Take a henna powder, Amla powder, vitamin E capsule, and black tea leaves.
  • Take one cup of water, put one teaspoon of black tea leaves and boil this. And pour this in another bowl using the sieve.
  • Take four tablespoons of henna powder, take two spoons of amla powder, and one vitamin capsule and mix this with water or tea leave and mix it.
  • Apply that paste to your hair and wash it after two hours.

7. Use Aloe vera gel and vitamin E

This method to have no side effects you can use it without any question.

  • Take 1 spoon or if you are the girl you can take 2 spoons of aloe vera gel in a bowl. And take one  vitamin E pill
  • Mix with Aloe vera gel. Use only inside part of the pill.
  • Massage it on your scalp at night and wash it in the morning.
  • Use it three to 4 times a week. Your hair will starts black from the roots.

8. Onion oil

Massage your scalp with onion oil this will help you block your hair. This will definitely back your hair and this is very very effective also. So try this. Try at night and wash it in the morning because this may not smell well.

9. Organic shampoo

You should use organic shampoo instead of chemical shampoo. But if you want to use shampoo make sure use only sulfate free shampoo.

Use only one type of shampoo.

10. Use B-12 vitamin-rich diet

As we discussed deficiency vitamin can cause white hair. So you should get, B-12 rich diet like almond, fish, meat, milk mushroom etc.

11. Drink more water

Teenagers should drink a lot of water. Grey or white hair is due to acidity in the system. If you don’t drink water then your hair will become more acidic and can whiten your hair.

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This cannot be reversed and treated in some instances but a good lifestyle and eating habit can you help with this. But the good news is that your whit hair can darken again in some instance. So try these remedies, may help you.

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