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Are Pickles and Pickle-juice keto? 5 Keto Pickles to buy (Amazon)

Pickles are definitely low carb, but it contains lectin which can cause inflammation and weight gain.

So, what is the answer is pickles keto-friendly or not? You need to give just 2 minutes.

Does the nutrition of Pickle acceptable on a keto?

are pickled keto. are cucumber pickle ketogenic

Pickles are low in carbs and calories. It also contains some other vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for health.

1 cup chopped or diced Pickles, cucumber, dill or kosher dill

  • Calories – 17.2 Kcal
  • Total carbohydrates – 3.7g
  • Fiber – 1.6g 
  • Net carbs – 1.1g
  • Fat – 0.2g
  • Protien – 0.9g 
  • Vitamin K – 70% the value of RDI
  • Vitamin A     262IU
  • Calcium – 6% the value of RDI
  • Potassium – 4%
  • Sodium – 52% of the value of RDI

Some brand adds sugar, these type of pickles can contain a higher amount of carbs. So always read the label before buying any pickles. You should make your own pickles at home.

How many carbs in pickles?

Carbs in pickles depend on the fruits or vegetables you pickles.

If the vegetable or fruit you pickled it will contain more carbs and net carbs.

Its pickle juice will also contain higher carbs than usual. If we compare carbs and net carbs between cucumber and carrots.

Carrots contain 3 times more carbs and pickles carrots also contain 3-4 times more carbs.

Carrots pickle contains 19g total carbs and 17g net carbs on the other hand cucumber pickle contain 6g total carbs and 4g net carbs.

But generally, when we are talking about pickles, we are talking about cucumber pickles.

So we will know carbs and net carbs in cucumber pickles.

Total Carbs and net carbs in cucumber pickle

  • Dill Cucumber Pickles (1 cup of chopped) – 5.89g total carbs, 1.7g fiber, and 4.2g net carbs
  • Sweet Cucumber Pickles (1/2 cup of chopped) – 25.4g total carbs, 0.9g fiber, and 24.5 net carbs
  • Sour cucumber (1 cup) – 3.5g total carbs, 1.9g fiber, and 2.6g net carbs.

What about Sodium and Potassium of Pickle?

Cucumber pickles contain almost all the micronutrients but in a very small amount. But, it is exceptionally high in sodium and vitamin K.

  1. Vitamin K1 cup (143g) chopped or diced Pickles, cucumber, dill or kosher dill contain 55.8 mcg which is 70% of the RDI value for vitamin K. it is an antioxidant that can prevent our cell from an excess of free radicals.
  2. Sodium – 1 cup (143g) chopped or diced Pickles, cucumber, dill or kosher dill contain 1251mg or 52% of the RDI value for sodium.

Can you eat Pickle on a keto diet?

pickle nutrition, is it keto

Yes, pickles are keto-friendly and You can definitely have pickles on keto.

it contains just 1g of carbs. But, there are two sides of pickles.

On the first side or the positive side is, pickles are low in carbs, which are the basis of the keto diet.

If something wants to fit in the ketogenic diet food list, it has to be low in carb and contain lots of vitamin K and sodium.

Sodium helps to stay hydrated and vitamin K also good for general health such as bone health, cognitive health, and heart health. [1][2][3][4][5]

The other side or negative side, it contains lectins, they are the protein found in plants. Lectins can cause weight gain and inflammation.

Lectins are found in cucumber seeds and they are still present in pickles. Some believe the real ketogenic diet does not include any lectins.

In Conclusion, yes, pickles are ketogenic and you can add pickles to your keto diet. It won’t kick you out of ketosis.

Sodium content will help you minimize keto-flu symptoms and the fermentation process provides gut bacteria.

To remove lectins, well you can remove cucumber seeds or you can make seedless pickles at home.

Do pickles contain lectins?

Yes, pickles contain lectins. But only those pickles contain lectins which are made with food that contain lectins.

For example, cucumber contains lectins, actually, cucumber seeds contain lectins which are linked to weight gain and inflammation.

But, if remove seeds before eating pickled cucumber or cucumber in general, your pickle will free from lectins

What is the best Pickle to buy for keto?

Before choosing any pickle for a keto diet, it is very important to check salt and sugar content.

Although cucumber, vinegar, and salt all the ingredients are low in carbs, some brands add extra sugar to their products which also increases the net carbs content. 

Salt is good for a keto diet, but pickles are generally high in salt and you should monitor salt intake too.

The daily recommended value of salt is 2,300 mg. 

The best variety of pickle for a keto diet

Best Pickle to buy from Amazon

It might be difficult to find keto-friendly, These some famous brand that provides keto-friendly pickles.

Are all the pickles fermented?

You can get pickles by fermentation. It is one of the methods to pickle anything.

When fruits or vegetables fermented, then healthy bacteria breakdown natural sugar present in fruits, which gives pickle sour taste.

Pickles sit in saltwater and fermented over many days.

But not all the pickles are fermented. Most pickles in grocery stores are not fermented.

When pickles are unfermented, vinegar gives them their sour taste or tang.

But unfermented pickle does not contain probiotics as fermented does. So, fermented pickles are a little bit healthier.

But, pickle juice benefits are the same for both because vinegar is also made with fermentation.

How to make keto-friendly cucumber pickle at home?

The best way to add pickles to your keto diet, make your own pickle at home.

Homemade pickles will be absolutely low in carbs and do not contain any hidden sugars.

You will have knowledge of all the ingredients. In addition, it will provide good gut bacteria.

Pickles are very easy to make.

  • You need three ingredients, salt, white vinegar, cucumber, and seasoning if you want.
  • Put cucumber, hot water, and salted vinegar in the jar.
  • Let them soak for two-three days and your pickled cucumber is ready for consumption

Are pickles healthy?

You should consider your keto diet because they are very healthy. There are no. of health benefits few of them are discussed below

  • Soothe muscle cramp – A study by Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise shows that pickle juice may help to soothe muscle cramps in dehydrated men
  • Provide antioxidants – it breaks down some nutrients and provides antioxidants.
  • Have some anticancer properties – it contains probiotic contents that might help to fight against spleen cancer. 
  • Help to keep blood sugar down – According to a 2005 study vinegar content help to prevent spikes in blood sugar level.

Should You drink Pickle juice on keto?

Pickle juice is one of the favorite juices of keto dieters because it helps to maintain electrolyte balance. It is low-carb and contains plenty of nutrients, but it can have a high sodium content. so keep in mind that too.

Drinking pickle juice has touted benefits related to, weight loss, diabetes, muscle cramps, and more such as –

  • Drinking pickle juice can help with muscle cramps – a study shows that drinking pickle juice on muscle cramps by dehydration can relieve muscle cramps. You just need to drink 1/3 cup of pickle juice.
  • It helps with hydration – when you exercise hard, for longer than usual or newly shifted to ketosis then simply just drinking water may not help you stay hydrated. You need to drink fluids that contain sodium and potassium that help you store water in the body and pickle is the perfect replacement for this.
  • It contains antioxidants – pickle contains vitamin C and E which are the most important antioxidants. These antioxidants also have an anti-aging effect on the body.
  • It helps with weight loss – it is reported that just drinking 1 ounce of vinegar helps to lose more weight than others.
  • Good for gut health – vinegar is fermented and it contains gut bacteria also called probiotics. The probiotics help to grow good bacteria and also beneficial with weight loss.
  • Helps to lower cholesterol – Dill pickle contains quercetin which has cholesterol-lowering properties. So, if you wanna try more healthy pickle juice then try dill pickle juice.


It provides gut bacteria, sodium, and vitamin K in plenty of amounts that have significant health benefits.

Some people believe pickle can’t be added to a real keto diet because it contains lectins and a real ketogenic diet does not include any lectin.

Although I eat pickles on the keto diet a lot and if you are not worrying about lectins you can add pickles to a keto diet because it has some other health benefits.

Lectins present in seeds of the cucumber and you can remove them if you want to eat a lectins-free pickle.

Most Frequently Asked Question

Which are the best Keto-friendly pickles brands?

If you are looking for low carbs and the best keto-friendly brand you can try one of these. Just click here and these will redirect you to amazon.
1. Mt. Olive Sandwich Stuffers Bread & Butter Pickles, No Sugar Added
2. Mt. Olive Sweet Gherkins No Sugar Added 
3. Bubbies, Kosher Dills Pickles
4. Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Spears
5. Vlasic Whole Pickles, Kosher Dill, Keto Friendly

Are kosher dill pickles keto-friendly?

Yes, kosher dill pickles are keto-friendly. According to USDA Food Composition Database 1 cup, chopped or diced Pickles, cucumber, dill or kosher dill contain 1.1g net carbs.

How many net carbs are in pickles?

Net carbs in pickles depend on the method and fruits or vegetables they are made of.
1. Dill Cucumber Pickles (1 cup)contains 4.2g net carbs
2. Sweet Cucumber Pickles (1/2 cup) contain 24.5 net carbs
3. Sour cucumber (1 cup) contains  2.6g net carbs.
4. Carrots pickle contains 17g net carbs

Are pickles high in carbs?

Carbs in pickles depend upon the fruit or vegetable it is made with. Carrots pickle contains 17g net carbs. But, Sour and Dill Cucumber Pickles contain less than 4g net carbs.

Are pickles good for weight loss?

Yes, pickles are good for weight loss. 1 cup of pickle contains just 17 calories, in addition to that, it is also good for your health. Click to know more.

Are pickles good for you?

Yes, pickles are good for you regardless of whether you are on keto or not. It has many health benefits such as Soothe muscle cramp, Provides antioxidants, Have some anticancer properties, Help to keep blood sugar down, etc.

Can you drink Pickle juice on a ketogenic diet?

Yes, you can drink pickle juice on a keto diet. Pickle juice is very beneficial, it helps you to stay hydrated, contains electrolyte, conatin antioxidants, and good for weight loss. To know more detail click here.


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