20 Best Masturbation Techniques for Men and Women

In a survey shows that 95% of men and 72% of women masturbate in their life. Feeling yourself isn’t just for single people. 70% of men and 40% of women reported masturbating within four weeks.

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It feels good, not only because dopamine released which control reward and pleasure center, reducing the feeling of stress, but other endorphins released during orgasm can decrease your perception of pain.

For women polishing peal can reduce menstrual cramping. And also, the help of the hormone prolactin, which related to sleep. You are likely to feel exhausted and need rest.

If you feel like coming down with a cold or some type of disease?1. It can also help you in that.

In one study found that in male, components of the immune system are activated during masturbation, which increases the number of white blood cells in the bloodstream.

The solo session might also help men reduce cancer with high ejaculation frequency correlating a decreased risk of prostate cancer.

All though it is unclear why? but scientist hypothesizes that increased ejaculation means potential carcinogenic secretions in the prostate are excreted more regularly and decreasing their negative impact on the body.

But why human masturbate if it seems a waste of energy or semen?

Self-love can actually improve the quality of sperm.  A study shows that recent male masturbation reduced the number of sperm inseminated at the next copulation but not retained by the female.

From this, it is concluded that masturbation can improve the fitness of the sperm, as younger sperm have a higher likelihood of insemination.

Masturbation can improve your sexual performance. Both men and women have pelvic floor muscles that stretch pubic bone to your tailbone.

As we age these muscles weaken, causing sexual dysfunction in women and erectile dysfunction in men. but stoking the clitoris or penis can activate the bulbocavernosus reflex resulting pelvic floor muscles contracting which is an essential workout for your sex muscles.

Nitric oxide also diminishes with age and contribute to lower your sex drive. But masturbation can help maintain it in blood throughout your life.

But it’s important to mix up your technique because using the same way to get off every time can make you sexually unresponsive to other stimulation which can lead to a decrease in sexual arousal and performance when it comes to time with your real-life partner.

What if you stopped masturbating?

Pleasuring yourself is very common over 50% of women and 70% of men masturbate on a monthly basis.

But if you stop masturbating completely. After a week male testosterone levels increased by 40 this was found in a 2003 study and which grab worldwide media attention.

In part to the no fap (used for masturbating) community, Supporters of no fap movement claimed improved sperm quality and sexual performance along with feeling higher motivation, improved motivation, and happiness.

But are these claims valid?

While the study found that it increased testosterone, but it comes back to a normal level with no explanation.

While several studies it is also found that there is no difference in testosterone between those who abstain or masturbate. But the testosterone level can be increased by a healthy diet and exercise.

In terms of sexual performance abstinence from masturbating doesn’t seem to improve your premature ejaculation. After three weeks of no masturbation, have the same time of ejaculation time as those who masturbate.

If talk about sperm quality those who masturbate frequently had sperm that are stronger swimmers, which improve the chance of fertilization.

For men, when men’s sperm isn’t ejaculated then it can break down in the nutrients back inside the body.

Masturbation is an addictive thing which can greatly impact your motivation, happiness, and self-esteem.  Masturbation can increase neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which stimulate the reward center of the brain.

But constant masturbation causes the constant release of serotonin and dopamine, which leads to desensitization to these neurotransmitters which result in our brain require a higher level of dopamine to obtain a normal level of happiness.

But if you stop masturbation then your brain again become more sensitive to serotonin and serotonin.

But masturbation can reduce stress, pain, and immune system.

Effects of excessive Masturbation?

Over masturbation is two or more times a day. You should masturbate only two to three times a week and this is for reasons.

Masturbation is normal sexual behavior. But like everything when it over practice it can bad for your health and can lead you to physiological and psychological imbalance and other side effects such as

1. Internal body temperature

With a masturbation internal temperature of the body increases, that’s why you feel more sweat or hot after masturbation.

According to when a person ejaculate then a complex phenomenon takes place. When men ejaculate there is absorption, take place and this effect cerebral, nervous and physical normality.

2. Minerals and nutrient loss

Sperm also contains your DNA, which is the hereditary genetic code and RNA, which contain enzymes, glucoside, protein, calcium, etc. When you ejaculate, these components eliminated from your body in very small quantity.

Loss of an excessive amount of these components can cause fatigue. And you have to refill these minerals and nutrients that are lost during each ejaculation.

3. Can cause health issue

Over masturbation stimulates parasympathetic nervous function which can cause the overproduction in the sex hormones acetylcholine, dopamine, DHT and serotonin.

Abnormally very high level of these hormones can cause adrenal glands and your brain to perform excessive changes in the body with bad side effects, like hair loss which can cause due to DHT overproduction. You should masturbate a maximum three times a week.

4. The loss in concentration and memory

People with over masturbating could experience a problem with memory and concentration which is the clear sign of loss of acetylcholine.

Over masturbate can also drain your motor nerves, and neuromuscular endings replacing it with stress adrenaline which leads you to lack of concentration, memory loss, and eye floater.

Also, you should avoid watching porn this will steal your focus from more important work of life and this can make masturbate addictive.

Benefits of masturbation

It is a healthy sexual activity and beneficial for your mental and physical health. There are not too many studies on masturbation, but studies on sexual stimulation including masturbation, show some benefits of stimulation.

  • Sleep better
  • Relax your body
  • Feel pleasure
  • Releases sexual tension
  • Increase sensitivity in both men and women
  • Improve the quality of sperm.
  • Relieve built-up stress

How to masturbate?

Masturbation deserves to be done as a creative activity. It is 5 to 10 min extreme piece.

Techniques For Men

1. First set the mood

Don’t be too quick. First set the mood. Be alone and set yourself to just for me time.

Make masturbation more pleasurable

  • By turning Downlight
  • Start your favorite video
  • Start with slowly teasing by yourself.
  • Stay calm and pleasant.

2. Change your position

You should switch your position daily. Don’t stick with your daily position try a new position. This will make your position more pleasurable.

3. Take more time

If you decide to masturbate be slowly don’t go too fast. You should try a new position and experiment which make it more pleasurable and memorable.

4. Switch your hands

Change your hand, it will feel like different just like you try a new position which gives you new sensation. Try to use non-dominant, which can give new feeling and give more pleasure.

5. Move your hips instead of hand

Grab your penis and start moving back and forth. Don’t move your hand, with the hand just grab your penis. It will give you feel like that you are having sex, not exact but a little bit.

6. Don’t just focus on the penis

There are more genitals than your penis such as your testicles, perineum, and shaft. Many of nerve also ending on testicles just pulling up and down your testicles will intensify your pleasure

7. Also, include prostate

Prostate is a “male G-spot”. So it is the golden ticket to intense and full body experience.

Start slowly by using one finger. First, gently rub outside and inside of your anal and then gradually insert your finger to massage your prostate. Increase the speed as pleasure begins.

8. Try the Start and Stop method

Put some Start and Stop method into your solo session. For longer and more explosive orgasm, try this method.

Try stroking your penis until the edge of ejaculation and then suddenly stop, and start slowly again. try this as much you can.

9. Add toys.

There are a number of toys are available which can give pleasure in a solo session. Like stroker, flashlight, prostate stimulator, anal beads, and pocket stimulator.

10. Try different thing instead of porn videos

There are lots more thing, then porn to get an orgasm like an audiobook, and the book which also works as porn videos do.

Techniques For Women

1. Set the mood

This method is to work for both men and women. First, you have to make a mood. This can make your self-session more enjoyable because you are in the mood. Dim lights, putting a sexy lingerie setting start music.

2. Keep movent always on.

It is good to let your vibrator do all the work, but you can make it more intense pleasurable by moving your hip in the rhythm in a circular motion or in back and forth. You might find your favorite and new position as you move around.

3. Try anal

If you want to try butt stuff. So this is a good time to experiment alone. You can start with your lubed finger and vibrator.

Start slowly put one finger or more as you want. And start back and forth. Vibrating plugs can add more sensation.

4. Pillow humping

Rub your vulva against something. Keep your panty on, and find something soft like a pillow or something else lay face down and put your vulva on it and start grinding your hips against it.

Adjust your position that feels good once you adjust to keep a deep breath and start.

5. Try the Edging technique

Don’t just run for orgasm. Tease you as much you can. Touch and try to tease everything. Once you finally move to your clitoris, don’t move too fast.

Try to use some hard stroke, some fast, and some soft. Bring yourself to the edge of orgasm and then suddenly stop everything and start slowly. Try this cycle as much as you can.

6. Touch your body part

Touch your clitoris with one hand and use your other hand to touch your body parts for female breast and nipple which can lead you more intense pleasure.

Do some creative stuff like masturbate in standing in the kitchen, during bath etc.

7. Use some lubricants

Take lubricant on your index finger and middle fingers and start massaging gently around your clitoris and inner labia.

Maybe you have enough natural lubricant to start with if you don’t try external. It makes you feel better.

8. Use vibrator

You can use a vibrator it is not necessary that you have to start with that. Start with your hand because it will feel like a partner’s hand if you had one. You should transition hands to vibrator slowly and smoothly.

9. Use audiobook, article or erotic video

You should always keep your brain busy. Remember your brain is the only one who gives you pleasure so try to give it more pleasure by just reading sex story, watching the video and listening audiobook.

Facts about female masturbation

  • In 2002 study or undergraduate students reported that 44% of women admitted that they masturbate. With an average almost 5 times a month.
  • If saliva used to lubricant, this can cause the imbalance of vagina bacteria which can result in the increase in yeast infection.
  • The doctor used to pleasure women to treat Hysteria so they vibrator invented to keep the doctor’s hands off from getting tired.
  • Women who have a higher level of testosterone have a greater interest in masturbating.
  • In Japan, it is illegal to manufacture sex toys like the penis.  This led to the invention of the rabbit vibrator.
  • Not only human masturbate, but some animal also horse rub against the post, some female bird lift up the tail and rub her cloaca against the object, female apes and monkeys use the stick
  • There are three types of female orgasm vaginal, clitoral and the combination of both
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