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Is Almond milk Keto? – 4 Best Keto-milk to Buy from Amazon (2021)

Almond milk is plant milk having a nutty flavor and creamy texture. It does not contain any saturated fat, cholesterol, and lactose. It often consumed by a vegan who avoids dairy products and on a keto diet.

Almond milk is low in calories and low in carbs that’s become very popular among those who are trying to lose weight and keto dieters

With the rise of a vegan, keto diet, and dairy sensitivities, people are replacing cow’s milk with almond milk.

If you have just started a keto diet, you may want to replace dairy milk to be specific cow’s milk. Because dairy products aren’t compliant with the keto diet. 

In this article, we will know about almond milk compatibility with your ketogenic diet.

What is almond milk?

Almond milk is plant milk, made by blending ground almonds with water. After that strained to get a smooth liquid. It has a nutty flavor and creamy texture like normal milk. 

It does not contain any dairy content, that’s why it is one of the best options for keto diet and lactose allergy.

Some commercial use preservative, flavoring, and thickeners to improve texture and modify the flavor.

Almonds have lots of health benefits and contain tons of vitamins and nutrients. But, you cannot apply the same to almond milk.

This is because almond milk made from skinless almond and after that strained. So, most of the fiber and antioxidants have been removed. In addition to this, water is used and some parts of the almond have been removed, which also decreases the concentration of the nutrients.

Does Almond milk nutrition compatible with the keto diet?

Almond milk nutrtion, almond milk o keto diet

Almond milk is low in carbs, 1 cup (262g) of almond milk contain just 39 calories. It also has other nutrients.

1 cup (262g or 240 ml) of almond milk can provide – 

  • 39 kcal Calories 
  • 3.4g Total carbs
  • 0.5g Fiber
  • 2.9g Net carbs
  • 1g  Protein
  • 2.5g Fat
  • 24% of the Daily Value (DV) of Calcium
  • 110% of the DV of Vitamin E
  • 18% of the DV of Vitamin D
  • 4% of the DV of Potassium

Almonds contain lots of Vitamin E, it is a natural antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage.

The bottom line is Almond milk is very low in carbs and calories but is also low in fat and protein.

Is almond keto-friendly?

lamond milk o keto, almond milk

One cup (240ml) of almond milk contains just 3.4g net carbs. So, we can say yes, almond milk is keto-friendly.

Almond milk is probably the best no-dairy milk for the keto diet. It contains lots of vitamins and nutrients, which are very beneficial for health.

You should always choose unsweetened almond milk or prepare it at home. Read the label before buying any almond milk, also check for preservatives.

There is no way that it can mess with your ketosis, but you should not go above 1 or 2 almond milk cup.

2 cups of almond milk will contain almost 6g carbs and it would be better for you that you full-fill your daily allowed net carbs quota with other green veggies that have more health benefits.

Best Alternatives of Almond Milk to buy from Amazon

There are some other alternates of dairy milk that are keto-friendly and you can add these milk to coffee or tea on your keto diet.

1. Coconut milk

coconut milk and keto diet

It is a milky-white liquid extracted from mature coconut. It contains high oil content mostly saturated fat. Coconut milk has a different type. Coconut cream, which contains the highest amount of fat, thin coconut milk contains a maximum of 20% fat, and last, is coconut skim milk with almost 0g fat.

100g of unsweetened coconut milk contain – 

  • 230 kcal Calories 
  • 5.5g Total carbs
  • 2.2g Fiber
  • 3.3g Net carbs
  • 2.2g  Protein
  • 24g Fat

2. Soy milk

soy milk and keto diet

Soy milk is plant-based milk made from grinding the soaked soybeans and boiling the mixture. At last, after filtering the mixture, a stable emulsion of oil, protein, and water formed.

Its taste resembles with dairy milk and vegetable-based milk.

1 cup (243g) of unsweetened soy milk can provide – 

  • 80 kcal Calories 
  • 4.2g Total carbs
  • 1.2g Fiber
  • 3g Net carbs
  • 7g  Protein
  • 4g Fat

3. Hemp milk

hemp milk and keto diet

Hemp milk is plant-based milk made from soaked and ground hemp seeds. Its taste and texture are similar to regular milk. It is available at online stores and offline as well. But, you can make at home, you just need hemp seeds and blender.

1 cup (240ml) of hemp seeds can provide – 

  • 110 kcal Calories 
  • 6g Total carbs
  • 1g Fiber
  • 5 Net carbs
  • 5g  Protein
  • 7g Fat (6g unsaturated fat and 1g saturated fat)

4. Pea milk

pea milk and keto diet

Pea milk is plant-based milk made from the protein of yellow peas. It comes with plenty of protein, but unsweetened is best for a person on a keto diet. 

1 cup (240ml) of unsweetened, pea milk can provide – 

  • 70 kcal Calories 
  • 0g Total carbs
  • 0g Fiber
  • 0 Net carbs
  • 8g  Protein
  • 4.5g Fat

How to choose the best almond milk for your keto diet

You will find different varieties of almond milk at the local stores or at online stores.

But, remember when you are trying to choose almond milk for the keto diet always goes for unsweetened flavor. It contains the least carbs and calories.

You should also check for an emulsifier, thickeners, and preservatives, they are using.

Finally, if you are concerned about your nutrient intake to choose almond milk which is fortified with vitamin D and calcium.

Health benefits of Almond milk on a keto diet

Almond milk has some upsides for the person on a keto diet. It can help keto dieters to achieve their goals.

The upsides on a keto diet are – 

1. Low in carbs and calories

Almond milk is very lower in carbs and calories than other dairy or non-dairy milk. This is great for the people who are on keto for weight loss.

One cup (240 ml) of unsweetened almond milk contains 35 calories, which is way lower than cow’s milk.

2. Low in sugar

An unsweetened variety of almond milk is very low in carbs.

1 cup (262g or 240 ml) of almond milk provides 3g net carbs. It will not spike the blood sugar level, which is the main thing for your ketosis. However, you should check the label and ingredient list before buying any almond milk.

3. Dairy-free and lactose-free

For people who cannot digest lactose or dairy allergies, almond milk is the best alternative.

Dairy milk isn’t keto-friendly, you can use almond milk instead.

4. Contain Vitamin D

Almond milk is often rich in vitamin D which is very important for heart function, immune system, and bone health.

Very few foods contain vitamin D and almond is one of them.

5. Contain lots of Vitamin E

Almond milk is naturally high in vitamin E.

Just 1 cup of vitamin D contains 110% of the DV of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is natural and powerful antioxidants that fight against stress and inflammation in the body.


A keto diet also includes healthy keto drinks and almond milk is one of them.

You should use almond milk instead of cow’s milk on a keto. Although there is plenty of other plant-based milk, almond milk is best.

Almond milk is very low in carbs and calories, which can help you to lose weight

Most Frequently asked questions

Can you have milk on keto?

Cow’s milk cannot fit into a keto diet. Just one cup of cow’s milk can contain 12g net carbs and most of them are sugar which can increase sugar level. Other non-dairy milk such as almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, and peas milk is a much better option for keto dieters.

How many carbs are in unsweetened vanilla almond milk?

Vanilla almond milk is also low in carbs and calories like regular unsweetened almond milk. It contains 1-2g net carbs like regular ones.

How many carbs are in Starbucks almond milk?

1 cup of Starbucks’ almond milk contains 60 calories, 5 grams carbohydrate, 1 gram fiber,  4g Net Carbs, 4 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein.

Is almond milk inflammatory?

Unsweetened almond milk will not spike blood sugar levels. So, almond milk is not inflammatory as long as it is unsweetened.


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