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What is The Average Penis size Globally? – Flaccid and Erected Penis Size

You may have wondered about some time – what is the average size of the penis?

in this article, we will give an answer based on facts from studies done on penis size. These facts and studies data collected from a trusted source. 

According to the study, the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), average penis size of the erect penis is 5.1 inches and the average penis length of the flaccid penis is 3.6 inches. [1] [2]

The average girth is 3.6 inches when flaccid and the average girth of the penis is 4.6 inches when erect.

The study found the average penis size 

An Average penis length of the stretched penis12.9 cm (5.1 inches) 

An Average penis length of the flaccid penis 8.8 cm (3.5 inches)

Studies found that the size of the flaccid penis does not depend on the size of the erect penis. This means you can’t estimate the size of the erect penis if you know the size of the flaccid penis. There is no relation between the age and the size of the penis.

A study was published back in January 2014 that determine the average penis size of American men. They examine 1661 sexually active American men. [3]

In this study, they found their average penis length when erect is 14.15 cm (5.57) Girth of an erect penis is 12.23.cm (4.8 cm)

The biggest average dick in the country is the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the world with a 7.1 average.

Most people have a penis within the inch of the average size. A large penis is very uncommon. Only 1% of men have penises between 7-8 inches, 0.7% of men touch the 9-inch marks, and only 1% of men have a penis longer than 9 inches.

The smallest average dick size country is North Korea with 3.8 inches. Less than 3% of men have a penis length over 8 inches around the world. About 6% of men need extra large condoms.

India has an average penis size of 4 inches.

The USA has an average penis length of 5.1 inches. [4]

Top 10 countries with Largest penis

RankNamein Inc
1Congo (Braz)7.1 inc
4Ecuador7.0 inc
2Congo (DRC)6.8 inc
3Ghana6.8 inc
5Colombia6.7 inc
6Lebanon6.6 inc
7Cameroon6.5 inc
8Bolivia6.5 inc
9Hungary6.5 inc
10Sudan6.4 inc
####USA5.1 inc

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Top 10 countries with the smallest penis

Sr no.Namein inc
1South Korea3.8 inc
2Cambodia3.9 inc
3Thailand4.0 inc
4India4.03 inc
5Myanmar4.19 inc
6Taiwan4.2 inc
7Philippines4.21 inc
8China4.29 inc
9Shari Lanka4.3 inc
10Japan4.3 inc

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How to measure penis size?

When it is about the size of the penis. Men are too conscious about their penis size. So it is better to measure your penis accurately. So that your penis size can not disappoint you.

Penis size varies due to level of arousal, sexual frequency, fatigue etc.

Start measuring of penis length

  • Position the measuring tape at the end base of the penis where it attaches to your body.
  • Press the measuring tape to the pubic bone as much you can. It becomes necessary if you have lots of belly fat
  • Measure the penis from the base to the tips.

we have to measure the penis as much can go inside the body of your sexual partner.

Measuring the girth of the penis

Remember girth can matter more than penis length during sex so measure carefully.

  • Use a soft measuring tape or you can use the thread.
  • Gently wrap measuring tape or thread around the penis shaft.
  • Note or mark where the tape meets. This is what you are looking for. If you are using thread make a mark and compare with the measuring tape after that.

Does penis size really matter to women?

You can clearly see a very small amount of women found penis size In a study on sexually active people found that 21% of women ended up their experienced relationship due to a mismatch between penis size preference.

A study found that more women found that too small a penis is a problem than look large penis. [6]

Women preferred a larger penis length with large circumstances for a one-time partner as compared to the long term partner. And the preferred size was slightly greater than the average size 6.3 inches.

In a study that 20% of women found penis size is important, 1% found very important, 55% unimportant, and 22% totally unimportant.

In an Indian study, the mean flaccid length of the penis found 8.2 cm and mean stretched length of 10.8 cm and circumstance found 9.14 cm which is smaller than the average length. [7]

Flaccid penis length 9 cm and flaccid circumstance was 10 cm. And stretched length was 12.5 cm. [8]

Women preferred the size of the penis for sex

A study published in the 2015 approach 75 sexually active women to show their penis size preference with the use of a 3D printed model of 33 different dimensions penis.

There were different sizes printed from 4 inches to 8.5 inches. 75 women choose slightly different sizes depending on their thinking.

The preference of the penis was slightly larger than the average size of the penis.

Women preferred slightly larger penis size for one night stand 6.4-inch length and  5.0 inches girth as compared to long-term relationship 6.3 inches length and 4.8 inches girth. [10]

Women preferred slightly smaller penis and less masculinity for a long term relationship.[11]

Women don’t like a long penis for long term relationship because it might hurt and can make them uncomfortable during sex.

How much is too small?

If you are a man, then this question might strike in your mind many times. 

About 45% of men believe that they have a small penis. But most of the men or we should say about 90% of men have a penis within an inch of average size.

Men with a flaccid penis length of less than 4 cm or erect penis length less than 7.5 cm are small. And should be considered penile lengthening. [9]

Bonus tips for you

  • Evidence suggests that women’s sexual behavior is influenced by hip rather than waist-to hip-ratio. Women who predominantly engaged with one-night stand have wider hips than those who did not. [9]
  • Male with a larger penis but not smaller than 7.5 cm were rated as being more attractive which is smaller than the average length of Italian man’s penis.[10] 
  • In a study found that women found penis girth is more important than penis length. [11]

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What should you do if you are unhappy with your penis size?

Most of the men find their penis small, although most of the men have a penis in within normal range.

If you have a penis less than 1.6 inches flaccid or less than 3 inches when erect, only then you should consider your penis smaller.

But if you’re unhappy with your penis size, you could do some other thing that can realize you that not only penis matter some other things also matter for a relationship.

  • Try to focus on some other physical characteristics like a smile, better body.
  • Do not think only about penis size because stamina, love, and trust also matter.
  • You can satisfy your partner with your penis size depend on heat between you two.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others because this will make you upset and you will develop an unhealthy image of your body.
  • Give some time to the activities that you like. This will make happy and you will feel better about yourself.
  • Maintain a healthy body, if you look healthy you will much better.
  • Go to the gym. If you make better muscle you will look good and your self-esteem will boost greatly.


The average penis length is 5.1 inches and the ideal penis length that women like is 6.3 inches. [14].

Women preferred penis length for long term relationship is 6.3 inch and for short term, a relation is 6.4 inch.

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