There are many options are available at buffalo wild wings also called B-dubs. You and your friend decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wing while you are on keto-diet or want to lose weight, then don’t worry you can eat and drink plenty of food there too.

What should you do?

You can’t control yourself when your friends are eating. But if you eat more than  20-30g carbs, you will be out of ketosis and believe me you don’t want that.

So, read this full article. We have done some research. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a low carb option for keto diet and weight loss at Buffalo Wild Wing & wecks (B3W).

Best keto option at buffalo wild wings

Thee are some of the best options at keto diet, you can order at buffalo wild wings. These options are really very helpful if you are making a plan to go out buffalo wings and you are on a ketogenic diet.

1. Choose traditional wings (0g net carbs)

These are some best traditional wings, that you can order at buffalo wild wings while you are on a keto diet.

5 Best low carbs tradition wings to order
  1. Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Blazin’ sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 415 calories
  2. Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Hot sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 425 calories
  3. Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Parmesan Garlic sauce + dry seasoning = 4g net carbs and 495 calories
  4. Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Spicy Garlic sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 425 calories
  5. Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Wild sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 425 calories

You should stay away from any Boneless wings aka chicken wings. Chicken wings contain 54g carbs and 35g protein.

But a traditional wing contains 0g net carbs. It also contains low sodium content which is great for your health. 

How I find these? Well, you can also find these low carbs traditional wings options.

Low carbs traditional wings at b-dubs

A Snack-size contains 7 wings, Small size contain 10 wings,  Medium size contains 15 wings and, Large size contains 20 wings.

Name Carbs caloriesFat  Fiber Protien 
SNACK SIZE, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning0g36020044g
SMALL SIZE, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning065036g080g
MEDIUM SIZE, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning0101057g0125g
LARGE SIZE, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning0130073g0160g

Source Buffalo wild wings

You should stick to SNACK SIZE & SMALL SIZE traditional wings for both weight loss and keto diet. Because of its medium size and large traditional wings contains lots of protein, which is ok for weight loss but not good for ketosis. Ultimately not good for a keto diet.

2. Low carbs Signature sauce 

Signature sauces are very delicious and make taste better. But it contains high sodium content and some also contain carbs. But there are low carbs signatures sauces for keto diet are also available.

7 Best low carbs Signature sauce

Name Net Carbs Calories Fat Fiber Protien 
Mild 2g505g00
Parmesan Garlic3g13012g01g
Spicy Garlic2g504g1g0
Wild 2g504g1g0g

The number of net carbs may vary according to size. This is according to snack size.

Source Buffalo wild wings

3. Low-carbs Dry seasoning

You add dry seasoning as much as you want and it will give only 1g net carbs on almost 10 wings. You can fill your belly with dry seasoning and still, you will stay in ketosis.

Top 5 dry seasoning option on the keto diet

Name Net carbs Calories Fat Fiber Protein 
Chipotle BBQ1g5000
Desert Heat1g5000
Lemon Pepper1g5000
Salt & Vinegar1g5000

Source Buffalo wild wings

4. Burger with no bun

You should stay away from the burger that they normally served. But you can try a burger with no bun. They have also protien options that can contain low carbs and high protein. You should try these, no matter you are on a keto diet or on weight loss.

3 best low carbs burger option at buffalo wild wings

1. All-Beef Hamburger Patty + traditional toppings = 0-4g net carbs(depend on topping choose)

2. Chicken Breast, Grilled + traditional toppings = 1-5g net carbs(depend on topping choose)

3. A naked burger with no toasted brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, and French Fries

Name Net carbs Calories Protien 
All-Beef Hamburger Patty0410
Chicken Breast, Grilled1g14028g
Naked burger 0g

SourceBuffalo wild wings

You should stay away from burgers with a bun. Burger can contain 40g to 90g carbs. Big Jack Daddy Burger can contain 90g carbs. While hamburger contains 35g net carbs

5. Toppings option for a burger on the keto diet.

You can try all the toppings except Ketchup. 1 tbsp of ketchup can contain 45g net carbs. While almost all the toppings contain fewer carbs. You can try all these.

11 best Toppings option at B-dubs

NameNet carbs (g)
American Cheese 2
Blue Cheese Crumbles1
Cheddar Cheese 0
Cheddar Jack Cheese1
Pepper Jack Cheese0
Queso Cheese4
Swiss Cheese0
Bacon Slices0
Beer-Braised Mushrooms4
Yellow Mustard 0

SourceBuffalo wild wings

6. Beverage 

If you are visiting buffalo wild wings you may find yourself thirsty. There is enough low carbs drinks option available. There are too many drinks are available at buffalo wild wings, but most of them are not keto-friendly. So try these drinks, these can help you to stay in ketosis. And also help you to lose weight.

5 best low carbs drink options available at B-dubs

Name Net carbs 
Diet Pepsi0
B-Dubs Bloody Mary0
Unsweetened Tea0
Red Bull Sugar-Free3g

SourceBuffalo wild wings

7. Alcoholics options

If you want alcohol. There are some low carbs alcoholics also available. You can try beers, these usually contain fewer carbs. These are some low-carbs beers at buffalo wild wings on the keto diet.

12 best low carbs beer option available at B-dubs

Name Net carbs
Bud Light – 1 Regular/Tall  5/7g
Coors Light – 1 Reg/Tall6/8g
Michelob ULTRA – 1 Reg/Tall3/4g
Miller Lite – 1 Reg/Tall4/5g
Stella Artois – 1 Serving5g
Beer (bottles and cans) 
Bud Light – 1 Bottle  5g
Coors Light – 1 Bottle5g
Corona Light – 1 Bottle5g
Miller Lite – 1 Bottle 3g
Michelob ULTRA – 1 Bottle 3g
Truly Spiked & Sparkling – 1 Can2g

SourceBuffalo wild wings


B-dubs is a great place to watch a sports match or meet friends. You might want to avoid b-dubs while you are on the keto diet. 

But it is not necessary, you can eat plenty of food and drinks. You should remember, you should eat anything which is not familiar to you. Try only those things which we have mentioned above such as traditional wings, naked burger some drinks, etc.

You will be in ketosis without compromising your pleasure. But do not go off the menu.


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