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Why do we Age? – 10 Tips to slow it down

We all want to age gracefully and want to keep our youthful look as long as possible. Aging starts, when we are in 25 or in the mid-20s. So you should take care of the skin during this time.

The science behind the Aging Process

Your body is made up of billions of cells, which are constantly going to self-vision. Every time they divide, they made a copy of DNA.

This DNA is tightly packed into a structure called chromosomes, which humans have 23 pairs. The main problem is that the copy of DNA is not perfect, and it skips every time the end of each chromosome.

To prevent cutting important DNA information we have telomeres at the end of the chromosomes, which continue losing during the replica of the DNA.

Every time our cells divide these telomeres become shorter and shorter and at last, they entirely stripped away. At that point cell no longer can divide.

Some flatworms are able to regenerate these telomeres endlessly and making them effective biologically immortal, but their lifespan does vary and they are high strung to disease.

This suggests that aging depends on genetics and the environment.

Our cells can’t do this because it helps to prevent cancer, which is the uncontrollable growth of cells and evasion of cell death. The point at which cell stop replicating is called cellular senescence.

In human replication, the limit is almost 50. Once this limit is reached the cell gradually begins to lose its function and die due to age-related characteristics.

This also tells that your life expectancy is also a heritable trait from your parents because you got your initial telomeres from your parents.

IGF-1 is a gene that is also called growth hormone when this hormone is deactivated or silent in mice, there is less cell and organ damage by oxidation and increasing the lifespan up to 33%.

One more cause of aging is investigated by scientists is calories. We need calories to live, but we take calories can also stimulate the aging process. The calorie intake also stimulates IGF-1.

Tips that can slow down your aging process.

You can’t do more about the ageing process but you can slow down your age process by using these tips.

1. Manage your stress level

Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider, and Jack Szostak win Nobel prize in the physiology of medicine back 2009. They found out that the telomere, which is the end of chromosomes are and the simple principle of aging is shorter they are faster we age. And telomeres are significantly shortened by the stress. But there is also a solution that, can you apply.

Meditation in several studies confirms that its efficiency in dealing with telomere becoming shorter is great. So the best meditation for anti-aging is Zen meditation.

In multiple studies is found that the people who do Zen Meditation have longer telomeres than any other people of their age.

2. Surround yourself with people you like are responsible for the aging process.

You should surround yourself with the people who love you, you like the most, and appreciate you.

Blackburn greater and so stacks have proved that people who live in a safer and friendlier community have longer telomeres.

In a study by Issue, the university is found that the people who married and or maintain their old friendship grow older slowly.

An Australian study of centenarians founds that you all you need six good friends are good enough for you.

3. Eat less

A study published in the Nature communication Journal confirmed that restriction in calorie intake has been very beneficial for keeping the youthful look for a long time.

During this study, the researcher makes two groups of monkeys. And they reach at the conclusion the monkeys who were on a low – calorie diet live longer and stay healthier overall.

If you can’t cut down your daily diet then you can take anti-aging diet like nuts, blueberries, dark chocolate, fig, salmon, avocado, and turmeric all these products also will lower the heart disease risk, improve your vision and support your cognitive function.

Most importantly, you should always include walnut to your diet because in a recent study is found that walnut anti-aging antioxidant than any other product. Eating 3 to 5 walnuts is enough for the day.

4. Rack your brain

You should also keep your brain in shape. Scientists from Rutgers University found that learning and mental activity boost the number of Neurons which helps your brain stay younger. More actively your brain works slower the aging process for you.

5. Always wear sunscreen

UV ray is present to damage your skin outside no matter the day is sunny or cloudy. They damage your Elston that responsible for your skin elasticity and ultimately cause wrinkles.

These rays are also possible for an uneven skin tone. Sunscreen rating of SPF 30 can easily reverse the sign of aging.

6. Dance

In a study found that Dancing is one of the most types of exercise to reverse the aging process.

This is especially true if your dance style changes from time to time because dance is an exercise for your body as well as for your brain.

7. Go to sleep earlier

Good sleep is good for your inner and outer health. Geoff Wright, director of hair and beauty partnership and Chronobiology expert states that there is a certain time period when the essential process in our hair and skin.

For example, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. they go through the process of hydration and stimulation. 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. is regeneration and nutrition time. 3 a.m. your body is simply rested. You should get at least seven-hour sleep every night.

8. Take vitamins

Antioxidants are necessary for our looks. They prevent free radicals from damaging cells our bodies. For this, you can use a face cream with antioxidants. You can take all the antioxidants orally.

In a study, it is found that the most powerful element for slowing down your aging is selenium, Vitamin E, and vitamin C. and you can also take omega 3 which is useful to maintain a younger look.

9. Drink tea

This is good news for a tea lover, but bad news for the coffee lover. In a recent study found that tea drinker lives longer because tea is full of antioxidant polyphenols which can protect you from heart disease, cancer, and premature aging.

You should take 4-6 cups of black tea or 4-5 cups of green tea can show you the observable result.

Facts about aging

  • Sugary soda could speed up your aging process because it can impact the telomeres.
  • As you age sweat glands become shorter. So older you get less sweat will produce by your body.
  • There is two types of age, chronological age, and biological age.
  • We all are internally programmed to die.
  • Some animal never dies like crocodile some flatworm etc.
  • The main hormone for aging is IGF-1. You deactivate it you will age slower.
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