How to Confirm Pregnancy early? 20+ Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

20+ Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms that might show you are pregnant

Wanna know that you are pregnant or not? You should know one thing the only way to confirm pregnancy is a pregnancy test. But before a pregnancy test, some symptoms can also point to the possibility of pregnancy. 

Some of the earliest pregnancy symptoms are similar to PMS such as cramping, constipation, mood swing, nausea, etc. But you would know the difference between PMS and pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy can occur through sexual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology. Childbirth takes around 40 weeks from LMP (last menstrual period).

These are the very early signs of pregnancy. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it’s time to take a pregnancy test

1. Tender, swollen or heavier breast

This is one of the very first symptoms of pregnancy, especially in young women. You will feel this symptom after one or two weeks later. After conceiving child women’s hormone changes rapidly. 

You breast sore, swollen, feel heavier or feel tender. Another thing you can notice the skin around nipples will be darkened.

2. Missed periods during early pregnancy

This symptom is the first symptoms after that you should look for a pregnancy test. In fact, most women took. Some women can feel light bleeding than usual. This can be the first symptom, you might experience before than any experience. This is because your body stops releasing a mature egg after just starting the pregnancy process.

But remember the cause of the missing period can be various such as extreme exercise, very fast weight loss, stress, fatigue or hormonal problem.

3. Morning sickness and vomiting during early pregnancy

Nausea is a very common symptom of early pregnancy. Women can spew or feel of morning sickness after one or two weeks of conception. Morning sickness can happen at any time of the day.

The exact cause is not known but it is likely due to the increasing level of estrogen. In early pregnancy woman’s sense of smell improve so any odor such as smoking, perfume can trigger nausea.

4. Fatigue or extreme tiredness during pregnancy

This is also an early symptom of pregnancy. You can feel tired at any time pregnancy but it is common in early pregnancy. 

In early pregnancy progesterone hormone level increase but It can be caused by lower blood pressure, blood sugar, or boost in blood production. Etc.

5. Light bleeding and camping in very early pregnancy

Small vaginal bleeding can happen in about 6-10 days fertilization. So this is also very first symptoms of pregnancy. At that time pregnancy is still at the cellular level.

The cramps like menstrual cramps. Some women can mistake it with the starting of the period but it will be lighter than usual period.

Fertilized egg creates a fluid-filled tube and this will implant in the lining of the uterus. And this can cause bleeding.

Pain can be mild, moderate or severe and will go away in three days.

6. Craving

When you are pregnant food aversion is common. You will find that you are turning toward certain foods such as fried foods or coffee. The food preference may vary due to hormonal changes.

7.  Increase in Basal Temperature during early pregnancy

Higher basal temperature or core temperature may also sign of early pregnancy. You basal temperature increase slightly after ovulation, if elevation in temperature continues for more than two weeks can also indicate that you are pregnant.

8. Mood swings as an early pregnancy symptom

Mood swings are very common in early pregnancy or in the first trimester. During this time there is a flood of estrogen and progesterone which can make you reactive than usual, affects your mood or can make you emotional.

9. Constipation

Constipation or bloating may occur during early pregnancy. Increase in progesterone hormone slow down the digestive system and slow down bowel movement.  

Progesterone hormone slows the speed of food through intestines and you may feel bloated or constipated. For this, you should eat more fiber and protein food, drink plenty of water, and exercise daily.

10. Headache during early pregnancy

In early pregnancy, you may feel mild headache due to the boost in blood circulation which generally caused by an increase in certain hormone at that time.

11. Dizziness during early pregnancy

 There are lots of changes in your body during early pregnancy and one of them is dilation of blood which results in lower blood pressure and you may feel fainting and dizziness.

12. Heartburn

In early pregnancy hormones can relieve muscle between the stomach and esophagus and acid will leak more than usual can cause heartburn.

13. Frequent urination

You may run frequently during the night to the bathroom. During early pregnancy kidney process more fluid than usual due to high blood flow. Which full your bladder faster than usual which results in frequent trips to the bathroom.

14. Better Smell sense

This sign may be interesting for you. You become more susceptible to different smells.

In a study, it is found that pregnant women can identify odor different types of odor and more readily. [1]

15. Glow on face

During this time blood flow increases and more blood flow through facial vessels and oil gland works more than usual.

This can give you a flushed appearance. Due to the increased activity of oil gland can also develop acne.

16. Nasal congestion

Increase in blood production can the swelling in mucous membranes in the nose. Your nose can bleed easily, dry out or may run often.

17. Feeling pregnant

You might feel different or something you have never felt before. You might be feeling that you are pregnant that is why you are checking this list right now. When your pregnant hormonal changes and changes start to occur in your body.

You will feel these changes in your body. This can be the first sign of the pregnancy.

If you’re feeling these changes you should take a pregnancy test

Some other late pregnancy symptoms

18. Backache

19. Heartburn

20. Breath shortness

21. Leg swelling

22. False contraction

How many symptoms you will experience during early pregnancy?

Every woman’s body is different. Hormonal changes, fluctuation, elevation will also be different.

Every woman will experience different symptoms some mom can experience all symptoms and some can experience only one or two symptoms in early pregnancy. If you think that you are pregnant or might be pregnant the best way is to confirm it, take a pregnancy test at home.

Am I pregnant or not?

If you still don’t know that you are pregnant or not, then you should do some tests. This is the fastest way to check and confirm pregnancy. You can check pregnancy at home you just have to buy a kit.

If you don’t know what is this you can check here. This will redirect you to Amazon

How to calculate pregnancy date?

Pregnancy age is also called gestational age, which is taken from the woman’s LMP (last menstrual period).

Corresponding age of the gestation estimated by ultrasonography or including 14 days to a known duration of fertilization.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists the main

 Methods to calculate pregnancy periods are

There are generally three methods to calculate the pregnancy period.

  • Early obstetric ultrasound, comparing the size of the embryo to reference a group of pregnancies (size of the embryo already known with age) of known gestational age and using the mean age of other fetuses of the same size.
  • In the case of fertilization, calculating days since egg combined with sperm outside the body and 14 days to LMP.
  • Calculate the 280 days since the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period

Estimated due date

The estimated due date follows two steps

  • Determination of the origin of gestational age.
  • Adding an estimated gestational age to the above time period.
  • Childbirth on average occurs at the gestational age of 40 weeks (280 days). This is a standard estimation for pregnancies. However, there are more individual methods are available.
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