why do people cheat, why do men cheat, why do women cheat

Why Do People Cheat? – Signs | 15 Facts

Why do women cheat, why do men cheat, signs that show your girlfriend cheating, signs that show your boyfriend cheating, Facts

Why do people cheat?

Only about 3% of the mammals are monogamous. Monogamous meaning they stay with only one partner their whole life and human also fall in this category.

Human is like to live with a partner. If we look from the evolutionary perspective, it creates many advantages where one partner protects the younglings while another search for food and provide resources.

But somehow cheating is very common human behavior.


The gene coding for the dopamine receptor plays a key role in cheating for men and women.

it also called the happy hormone which releases after a pleasurable activity like an orgasm, sex, exercise, eating food, etc.

In one study found that 50% of people who possess long allele variants of this gene had cheated on their partner compared to only 22% of people who possess short allele variants of this gene.

The long allele participant also has the tendency to be risk takers and have addictive behavior such as a drug, alcoholism.

Perhaps the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” is true in real life.


The level of the Vasopressin also plays the key role similar to oxytocin, which is also called “cuddle hormone” vasopressin can affect trust, empathy, social bonding, love etc.

In fact, injecting vasopressin directly into the reward center increases the likelihood to become monogamous.

People with Autism also have a lower level of vasopressin affecting their ability to understand social cues.

In 2014, a study involving 7000 finish twin found that cheating women had a variant gene, in the gene that sore in vasopressin receptor.

Further suggesting that low level of vasopressin has an influence on cheating.


money may also be factor males who earn significantly more than their female counterpart are more likely to cheat.

But they are also more likely to cheat on their wives if they are staying at home dads.

Only when both partners have similar earning potential to the chances either cheating decrease significantly.


Many other factors can lead to fidelity like the emotional issue, past relationship excess of alcohol and intoxication.

Cheating is entirely based on biological and genetic.

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Why do women cheat?

This is psychologically explained. Cheating causes of women are different than men. here are some.

1. Sexual infrequency

One of the main reasons is the women cheat are sexual infrequency.

The survey in which 500 admitted cheater and non-cheater are involved.

It is found that non-cheater have sex ten times a month while the cheater said that have sex only 5 times a month.

2. Lack of communication

Lack of communication is another reason that women cheat. In this survey, non-cheater said that they spend 30 to 60 minutes a day talking with their partner.

While cheaters said that they spend less than 5 minutes a day talking with their partner.

3. Unhappiness in relationships

Helen Fisher gives really interesting statistics. Fishes found in a study that about 34% of cheating women were happy in their relationship.

So if happy the women more likely she is to cheat. But in the case of men, 56% of the cheating men said that they were happy in their relationship.

It’s like that man will cheat no matter they are happy or not, in their relationship.

4. High level of success

According to the survey by the National Opinion Research center women are 40% more likely to cheat than they were 20 years ago.

Scientists also survey on women who are working and they found that the more successful the women, the more likely she is to cheat.

A University of Washington study found that women who earn more $75K per year are 1.5 times more likely to cheat.

5. Feel neglected or ignored

Everyone wants to feel special. This is essential in case of women.

If they feel like nanny or housekeeper. So they seek for external affairs.

If you want your wife or your girlfriend could not cheat you should talk to her, make contact with her and try to make her happy.

You should make a connection with her physically as well as mentally.

You should give affirmation time to time like you can go date, give the compliment and give gifts, etc.

Why do men cheat?

According to M. Gary Neuman, he surveyed 200 men who admitted they had been unfaithful.

1. Emotional dissatisfaction

48% of men said that the main reason they cheated because of emotional dissatisfaction.

Men are more sensitive than many people might think. If they don’t think they are getting up praise and admiration form their partner, they seek out for a new partner.

It turns out that the men found a lot of praise and admiration in their workplace.

40% of men met the woman in the work where female colleagues are more likely to look up to them and compliment them on their accomplishment.

2. Physical attraction

You might think that physical attraction plays a key role in the factor of cheating.

But it is not as big as you think. 88% of men said that they cheated with someone less attractive than their current partner.

3. Enablers

77% of men who cheated said that they were a close friend with the men who had been unfaithful.

When someone else doing it easier for them to justify behavior, even they know that it’s wrong. And 68% of men feel guilty about it.

At last, come to this conclusion if you want your husband or your boyfriend does not cheat you.

You have to give feeling him like he is very special because men don’t affair for sex or just physical attraction.

They cheat because they don’t feel special and satisfy.

Cheater signs

These signs show that your boyfriend is cheating on you

Generally, men are usually very obvious and basic in their actions. So you just need to pay a little attention to their behavior to find out that he is dating other women

1. He doesn’t wanna tell people that you two are together

If the guy telling you that he likes you, he is your men, and he loves you.

But then he doesn’t wanna tell the people that you two are together because he doesn’t like people in his business.

So you might be a little worried about this.

90% time your boyfriend will cheat you if he says this to you, and it’s shame on you if you are okay with it.

2. He is not answering how he spends time without you

He always tries to avoid this question by making jokes and doesn’t answer the question clearly. When you ask this question he said like this crap you don’t trust me etc. you should know where he is spending time without you

3. Hides the phone

The cell phone rings, WhatsApp or mail and he simply rushes to pick it up to answer it away from you. He never lives phone when you are around. So you should talk about the relationship

4. Still following new girls on social media

If your partner still following the new and unknown girls on social media, then he might be looking for someone else. It means you are not enough for him and he is not satisfied in the relationship. Most importantly, he never checks out messages in front of you.

5. He seems detached

Most of the time when the guy is cheating, he disengages with you emotionally. Like, start saying bye, alright etc. instead of I love you.

6. Hard to reach

If you consistently reach your men then there are chances he is with somebody else. And he doesn’t wanna to talk to you and be with you. He spends a lot of time with his mystery friends and friends.

7. He gives you independence

Like if weekend comes he insists that go out with your friends.

But in this case one exception, you might not be a worry if your partner always encourages you to spend time with your friends you should not worry.

But if suddenly he does not like to go out with you and encourage you to leave. It means that something is not right.

8. Become angry.

when you asked him who he with last night or calling and he reacts badly. this is a worrying sign.

9. Plan with friends.

He always has something to do meetings, birthdays and something that is exclusively for men.

It becomes a habit, so you should concern him

These signs show that your girlfriend is cheating on you

1. She is not letting you touch her phone

If she gets uncomfortable every time you touch her phone and she does not check her text and not text back when you are around her.

Most importantly, she switches off her phone every time when she is with you.

2. She overly concerns with her look

All the girls are conscious of their look. But if your girlfriend is overly concerned with her look.

Then it is a clear sign that she is looking for someone else or she wants to impress someone else.

3. She is not interested or too busy

Every time you asked your girlfriend to hang out with you and she often replies that she is busy or make excuses then she might not be interested in you all.

Sometimes this can be true but not every time.

4. She asks about your schedule

If she wants to know about your schedule this can be two reasons either she worries about you too much or she wants to make her schedule with another guy.

So try to figure out why she is asking you about this.

5. She is losing interest in sex

If she is losing interest in sex with you then there are chances that she is getting it somewhere else.

6. Not replying you

This is a clear sign and almost at the end.

If she is not replying you and even not notifying you then she is engaged with someone else.

7. She points out every flaw

If she points out every flaw, then she might be trying to break up with you.

She also is trying to get the reason that she is breaking up with you cause of these flaws.

8. Dismissive

If your girlfriend was a was a good listener and she starts to not listening to you then this can be the alarming sign to that she wants to break up with you.

These behaviors are signs, not actual proof if you notice that behavior then you should alert and try to figure out the issue in your relationship, try to fix them instead of just break up.

Facts about cheating

1. Most mammals are polygamous (one male with a group of female) only three, 3% of mammals are monogamous. And humans are monogamous (one male with one female).

2. Social media has lead to more cheating. People on social media can connect with their old lovers which increase the number of affairs.

3. If someone has larger testicle, he would more likely to cheat his partner. Scientists believe that men develop larger testicle to store more sperm and be able to meet more frequently with women.

4. Level of the cuddle hormone affects cheating

Though the hormone vasopressin keeping water in the body and constriction our blood vessels. This hormone also helps to pair bond with a partner. People having a lower level of vasopressin are more likely to cheat then who have a higher level of vasopressin.

5. Most of the married people will cheat about 50% of the married women and 60% of married will have an affair while they are married.

6. Deeper of the man’s voice the more likely a women assume he will cheat on her. Similarly, men assume women with higher pitch voices more likely to cheat on them. This is because the pitch is related to the level of testosterone or estrogen. Women generally find men with deeper voices more attractive also for short term relationship.

7. Cheating doesn’t mean that you are unhappy with your relationship. Cheaters are often found happy in their current relationship. About 56% of men and 34% of women who cheated reported happy in their current relationship.

8. Women cheat often while they ovulating. When women ovulate and its highly fertile then she is more attractive to men besides their partner than during the rest of the month. But there is an exception the women with a partner who is already very sexually attractive.

9. The most popular day for the cheater is Wednesday in the afternoon.

10. 68% of cheater looking for affairs when they are at work. And they spend over an hour daily for the secret partner.

11. Men feel sexual cheating is worse and women feel emotional cheating is worse.

12. Cheating leads to divorce in 65% of the cases.

13. With all the sexually charged hormone flowing through their vein cheater become often more active sexually with their current partner too.

14. Women under 25 are more likely to cheat on their partner than older women.

15. 42% of women who cheat have blonde hair, 23% of red hair, 20% brown hair and 11% black hair women cheat.

16. Most of people have affairs with their coworkers.

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