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6 Best Keto-Friendly Fast-food Restaurants for Keto Diet

Finding fast food restaurants that provide low carb keto-friendly food can be difficult. Most of the fast-food restaurants contain carb bomb items such as bun, tortilla, etc. But still, there are lots of fast-food restaurants that provide keto-friendly foods.

Visiting fast-food restaurants on a daily basis isn’t a great idea. But, you can visit these restaurants while you are in a hurry.

These restaurants are present all over the world and these are the famous ones. You will also find a complete guide that will walk you through these restaurants. 

1. Mcdonald’s

how to order keto food at mcdonald

Macdonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurant chains. They have thousands of franchises around the world.

But most of their items are pretty high in carbs. Fortunately, McDonald’s allows their customers to customize their order, which opens their door for keto dieters too.

We have made an ultimate low-carb guide to McDonald’s options. I think you should check out.

You can find all options breakfast to dinner and burgers to sandwiches at Mcdonald’s that are low in carn and keto-friendly as well.

All this taken information from McDonald’s official website. All this nutritional information is calculated from Mcdonald’s nutrition calculator

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2. Wendy’s

wendy's keto options, fast food restaurants for keto diet,

Finding low carb keto-friendly food at fast-food restaurants is one of the most difficult tasks, but not in the case of Wendy’s. You can find a number of low carb options at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s allows you to customize order, this feature allows you to find lots of low-carb keto food options at Wendy’s. 

Such as Grilled Chicken Breast contains 34g net carb which is way over the maximum carb per day per meal. But, after customizing your order (removing bun) it contains just 3g net carbs, see the difference.

The best option at Wendy’s is Baconator without the bun. It is a fat bomb and it is great for your ketosis too.

Baconator without the bun  – 5g Net Carbs, 60g Fat, 53g Protein [30]

We have made an excellent low-carb keto-friendly guide for Wendy’s. You should check out.

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3. Buffalo wild wings

bufalow wild wings on keto, low carb fast food restaurants,

You and your friend decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wing while you are on keto-diet or want to lose weight, then don’t worry you can eat and drink plenty of food there too.

B-dubs is a great place to watch a sports match or meet friends. You might want to avoid b-dubs while you are on the keto diet. But there are plenty of low carbs options are available. 

These 5 are the best.

  • Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Blazin’ sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 415 calories
  • Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Hot sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 425 calories
  • Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Parmesan Garlic sauce + dry seasoning = 4g net carbs and 495 calories
  • Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Spicy Garlic sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 425 calories
  • Tradition wild wings (snack size) + Wild sauce + dry seasoning = 3g net carbs and 425 calories

Check out our guide.

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4. Olive Garden for the keto diet

18 Best Low-carbs Options at Olive Garden on a Keto Diet-

it seems very difficult to follow when you think about Italian food, especially the olive garden. 

Olive Garden is a good place to go for lunch and dinner. Well, because it’s open from about 11 AM to 11 PM.

But whenever you visit fast-food restaurants, it is more likely you will customize your order, especially when you are on the keto diet.

But, the good thing is that you can customize your order and keep the net carb amount very low. My favorite is grilled chicken. It is delicious, low carb, and makes me full.

Tips for you 

  1. Know what to eat
  2. Beware of sauces and sides
  3. Try to replace pasta with double veggies
  4. Try grilled chicken

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5. Chick-fil-A

best keto freindly option at chick -fil a

They have added keto-specific items recently to their menu which makes ordering easier for a keto diet. They have items that contain less than 10g net carbs.

Chick-fil-a usually not allow to customize their meal, but you can remove a few things to make your order keto-friendly.

You can order sandwiches without the bun or grilled chicken. These two are my favorite ones.

Although you have other keto-friendly options too, which you can check here.

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6. Taco Bell

low carb taco bell, fast food restaurants,

Taco Bell is a great place for delicious food at a fair price. But for the keto dieters, taco bell have not that much except water and coffee. Taco Bell has almost nothing for keto dieters on their menu.

They have nothing keto-friendly until you customize your order.

People are becoming health conscious so all these restaurants have done this to attract people. It means you can find the keto-friendly menu almost everywhere with some tweaks and customization to your order.

We have made a separate guide to keto-friendly options at Taco Bell. Click below to check our ultimate guide.

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Final thoughts

we are not recommending to eat food at these fast-food restaurants on the keto diet. But you can eat at these restaurants while in a hurry or you do not have time.

If you find ant restaurants near you from the above list click the link and you will on a complete keto-friendly.

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